Staying away from loved ones

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  • my parents in law live about a mile from our house


  • I try to concentrate on the positives... free childcare (not at the moment!) . Brother in law and his family also live on the farm, it does all get a bit much at times...!

  • I have just been forced to close my business due to the virus. I live with my girlfriend in Bath, and she is working from home.

    We’re trying to make the decision if we should now head to the west country to be with family. Luckily my mum has an annex we could isolate in on arrival to make sure we’re not bringing anything with us. My girlfriends parents are also in Cornwall so we would potentially be able to see them at some point too.

    Trying to work out if it’s the right thing to do. And if we’ll be increasing risk of infection to them. All our parents are 65/70 ish and healthy.


  • I was considering going to my dads in north Wales, but decided against it. The chance of infecting him or an area which has no cases wasn't worth it.

    "Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk."

  • At the very least stay home in Bath in proper isolation for a week. I'm thinking of going to see my dad at some point but will isolate for two weeks beforehand. He's very vulnerable but the area is not virus free. One week in case I've got it, another week in case I actually do have it but low/no symptoms. It's just not worth it otherwise. I might avoid seeing him at all if he's ok with skyping etc.

  • With the setup at mums we could isolate there very well, no contact. And I feel like travelling sooner rather than later will be easier.

    If, once out of isolation down there I’m able to go out and do their shopping etc I should be reducing their risk of infection right? Even by a small amount

  • I'm struggling a bit with my mental health, this is really bringing out my anxiety and I just want to 'escape' from london to my parents. But with a co-worker potentially having it and I was in contact with them 10 days ago and I had very mild symptoms I dont want to risk it. I've been strictly inside for last week apart from groceries. Is anyone contemplating seeing other people after a certain amount of time? e.g. 14 days of strict isolation

    I have a feeling I wont take any chances but being trapped in London if a lockdown happens is really anxiety inducing for me

  • But it's still potentially putting healthcare under strain there if it turns out either of you have it bad. Bath is a bigger city and its where you're at. I would wait. Yes there's a risk that getting there will be more difficult in two weeks time.
    It's what I'm doing, anyway, I can't vouch for it being right.

  • Thoughts?

    If you can isolate effectively I’d do it.

    Just force a mindset on yourselves that you already have it and are bringing it with you on everything you own.

    Then make sure your parents stay a safe distance from you and everything you own / touch for the recommended times.

    If in isolation in the annex you have any symptoms then return to Bath and isolate there. Parents should then avoid the annex for the recommended times.

  • 15 years and 15,000k away.

    Currently limited only by commercial space flight costs.

  • Howard Senior is properly fucked by this - on going big C treatment. They have been isolating for two weeks now. Put the chances of him seeing our son again in the flesh at 50-50.

    To be clear, he doesn't have it / symptoms. But he's stuck indoors.

    Lots of Facetimes happening.

  • Having hundreds of thousands of city dwellers moving to rural areas, even to stay with family is going to put a massive strain on stretched food supplies and the ability of local people to get what they need.

  • Fuck. Internet hugs for you and your family

  • First case reported downstairs at parents' care home.

  • We've made it down here. People are taking it seriously in the town, food supplies are no problem at all, much better than the cities to be honest. You can walk to the farm and buy eggs and veg, simple.

    Isolation is simple with this setup, apart from eating meals sat on the floor as the table is my girlfriends WFH desk. We've been mega sensible in the run-up to coming down, sensible while were here and now 3 days into our 14 days

  • Can't say I'm not envious. Sounds like a great place to ride this out. Fingers crossed.

  • but you were adopted ..

  • but you were adapted ..


  • I've got a father approaching 80 in the middle of the Welsh Marches/Shropshire borders who was in the pub last Thursday. My brother (who lives in Scotland) and I both let him know exactly what we thought of that. He's now staying home and the village he lives in have set up volunteers to go out and shop for the elderly, so I'm a lot happier about him.

    My mum lives on the far side of London, on her own and near her housebound brother. She's been doing his shopping, which is maddening, as his son, who normally lives nearby is in his holiday flat elsewhere.

    I've never felt so helpless and isolated from the ones I love.
    Even having my own family close by doesn't stop me from having occasional panic attacks about the whole thing.

  • Thank fuck "Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk." does not apply to lfgss members. That’s a weight off my mind, smug middle class hug?

  • My parents and my in-laws have had to self isolate as they're older, although all still very active etc. My mum has had lung cancer but is still adamant that she'd be fine!
    We have an 8 month old baby and my girlfriend is really struggling with the fact that his grandparents won't see him now until he's walking and possibly talking. We know we're luckier than a lot of people, but it's still hard.

  • Off to Mothers today, 84 and just 3months after a hip replacement. She is in sheltered housing. Its 60miles away, i'll be dropping off the shopping and playing knock knock ginger.
    There is not much option, someone has to go. Not sure if she'll be on the high risk register.

  • My sister has just got back from Aus, was a nightmare with flights cancelling all over the place.

    She ended up on the first ever airbus direct from Aus to London, kinda cool? Now shes driving back to Manchester where she will be working for the NHS once they've clarified if she needs to isolate or if they will be doing tests.

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Staying away from loved ones

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