LF Mack x Low Depth Chinacarbon track wheels - Super light SOLD

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  • Probs not the best time to sell these all things considered but here they are.

    Grey, 20/24 low flange mack hubs, laced with lightweight bladed spokes and alu nipples to ~20mm deep full carbon rims. 2x lacing front and rear built into stiff wheels

    The anodising on the hubs is a little uneven in places and the two hubs don't quite match. This is purely cosmetic and only really noticeable when you are looking for it. Other than that the wheels are great and run true. Never used with a brake. I did get the rims 'second hand' but from inspecting them when they arrived they looked brand new, dont think they were ever built before this.

    £300 for the wheels and two lockrings. No tyres tubes or cog included. These would make great hill climb wheels !

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  • Nice! I’d love these but no funds atm :(

  • I've had a feel of these wheels. Very light, very nice.
    Same as above for me

  • x

  • super nice

  • siick

  • Cheers all. I'd love to keep them but would rather invest some money in other projects. Oh yeah and these are clinchers! Very rare to see full carbon rims with this low a depth in clincher

  • Need to get a proper weight for these. Also do you still need that lockring tool?

  • Negative. I can bring it over whenever's good

  • How much do they weigh?? Look incredible, I shouldn't be tempted but I am...

  • I can weigh them when I get all the tyres and cog off but from memory the hubs are 300g (both), rims were ~400g a piece and alu nipples barely touched the scales. Plus 44 lightweight spokes probably around 1250g whole build ?

  • Is it possible to ship them to Italy? I'm quite tempted

  • What's the width on these? Super tempted...

  • I think its around 20/21mm external. Can measure

  • Had a few PMs asking to ship. I think with whats going on in the world I would worry they might get stuck somewhere if everything gets shut down. Would prefer a London meet, can deliver these to any doorstep (and then retreat a safe distance) in SW or central :)

  • Damn these are good. If still around in a week I might be in contact.. would I be fine running a brake on the front rim?

  • https://lfgss.microco.sm/api/v1/files/51­2f341aa9111123c2df7af236e18672ddcaff2a.j­pg

    This is the pic of the front brake. I can't remember ever braking on these but I have some blue, carbon brake pads I'll throw in foc. Theyre VERY unlikely to be disc rims as theyre 20/24h so I'd be surprised if they don't have a brake surface

  • These are sold

  • I was just thinking about these yesterday. Oh well :)

  • Snooze you lose.

  • Are these still available?

  • 2nd dibs

  • ciao le lightweight sono ancora disponibili

  • Hahaha - that was the first thing which came to mind - how long did you have to dredge to find that or have you got it lovingly ingrained in your parietal lobe forevermore?!

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LF Mack x Low Depth Chinacarbon track wheels - Super light SOLD

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