• Some lenders have shut up shop, or reducing service for obvious reasons.

    Should be able to find an alternative unless it’s a niche mortgage that you were after?

    Physical valuations are not happening at the moment, so any alternative will take some time.

  • The part I don't understand is that advertising budgets have tanked. I work for a TV channel, we've got record viewing figures surely now is the perfect time to go hard on your advertising.

  • You need income assurances to free up money to buy advertising. If you've got no money coming in, it's not a priority.

  • Yeah exactly that. And a lot of advertisements don't really work right now anyway - it would seem highly inadvisable to advertise getting together around that new fancy BBQ, or to travel to places, etc. etc. And generally, with the economy packing in presumably a lot of companies don't foresee people spending that much anyway, even when they're able to do so again.

  • Soon all we will have is Andrex puppies for adverts

  • Is there still a double triple discount sale on at oak sofa carpet furniture world? I’ve not seen anything about it recently.

  • Nope... I work with a few of the big pharma advertisers, why bother advertising when people are emptying the shelves anyway...

  • It ended on Sunday I heard

  • Lost a filling. Dentist only doing phone callbacks. They don't know when they will start treatments again. Suggested using a diy temporary filling repair. Online shops out of stock. Balls.

  • DFS doing up to half price for the next four days. Quick!!

  • Other half works for a charity but with big corporates quite a bit and apparently a lot of them have completely slashed their Q1 marketing budgets to focus on other things. E.g. in Coke's case this includes focusing on getting their products to hospitals etc. (it's not all Coke, they sell a lot of bottled water, orange juice etc. too).

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COViD got me like...(minor/major inconveniences brought about by COViD-19)

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