• A thread for minor/major inconveniences brought about by COViD-19.

    Everybody knows I am moving to Australia next month right?

    Plan was that on the 3rd the property to ship would be collected, and on the 6th cats would go into boarding prior to their flight in early May. I would then have two full days to finish cleaning the house, handing the keys back on the 8th.

    Now waiting to hear back from the two agencies concerned to see if they can even make the collections and keep my things and the cats safe.

    I was set to fly out on the 15th and it now seems like flights are supspended until late May at the earliest.

    Not asking for help(maybe later) but it I needed to note something down as I am mildly freaking out. Who likes moving at the best of times?

  • Fuck

    I had been concerned that this might happen to you. Hope it all works out ok

  • Shitter man. At least you’ll have time to remove those weird orange stains from the living room ceiling.

    Srsly though I’m happy to help in any way I can. Not sure how yet but I’ll have a think. You’ve got the community here to rely on and whatever does happen, the things disrupting every day live are temporary, you’ll make it to the new world in the end.

  • Ha, what orange stains?

  • Anybody want two adorable cats?
    Confirmed, cats can't fly until (maybe) end of May, FML.

  • Indoor or outdoor cats?

    This really fucking blows, bud.
    And what are the dates that they need looking after?

  • dibs cats

  • Ha ha, they were supposed to go board in April for a month.

    One loves going out, the other gets scared if I close the door behind her.

    Since I am not flying either I think I'll have to overstay my lease for a month, and keep them with me.

    Just having a freak out in public for the moment.

  • I think that's perfectly fair, all things considered.

  • Oh my god they look... what do the cool kids say these days? "totes adorbs"? Or am I a few decades behind on that...

    In any case, on the plus side they're probably very soothing to have on quarantine! Better hide that post before my gf starts going on about how we should get a cat again...

  • No where near any of the above level but online shopping feels like it’s turned in to some sort of rainman activity.
    Likelihood of product availability, what won't people be buying, company policy on replacement vs unavailable, best time to shop on line... headache inducing.

  • Minor: the barrage of undank memes on our streets CV19 WhatsApp group.

    Working out which old people might not be on it, and dropping notes through their doors lifted my spirits. Seeing a naked hunk in a shopping trolly with a mumsnet tagline doesn't.

    Makes my work group's memes look like 4chan.

  • May not be much help, but I have just got back from Australia, many friends in Melbourne, Noosa and Sydney.

    If you needed cats looking after, I can ask around?

  • I think I am stuck with them in London for the duration!

  • My mum has a pet dog with Cushings disease, which requires medication, and the current pet insurance is close to £100 a month, plus other non insurable costs.

    She’s contemplating not renewing the insurance and reducing medication due to financial concerns. The dog Alfie is currently her most expensive outgoing.

    Are vets and pet medication considered an essential service in the event of lockdown?

    Not sure this is the best thing for her mental wellbeing, especially in a time of self isolation and potential loneliness.

  • Has she looked at Blue Cross? It will depend on her location and whether she meets means tested criteria.

  • Was supposed to have some fairly major building works starting at our house tomorrow. Involves knocking down the wall between downstairs reception rooms and some other steel reinforcement in our kitchen, plus creation of a WC, new kitchen, all the decorating and some rear outside work.

    Spoke with the builder on Wednesday and mutually agreed to nominally push start back by one week and reassess then. That was before Ikea, with whom we’ve started designing the kitchen, closed all stores. Who knows what will be available in terms of other materials and whether the workers will be able to come and go, and that’s before factoring anyone actually potentially getting sick at some point during the 4-5 week project, us or them. Under normal circumstances the house would have been empty during almost all of the work, whereas as it stands now there’d be two adults and a three year old upstairs all day.

    Also contending with the fact that the house had been prepared for all this, so almost everything from downstairs is packed away upstairs.

    Investment in the project so far is small, and I trust the builder to only want to proceed when sensible from a practical and a health and safety perspective, but it still feels very limbo-ish. I really just want to put the house fully back to normal now and hold off indefinitely.

  • She has used them before as she does meet the criteria.
    They may well close though as I don’t think vets are considered key workers unless they are providing emergency care or specifically involved in keeping the food supply chain going.

    Getting access to semi routine vetinary care may prove very difficult soon.

  • My vet is open for now, but no idea how long that will last

  • My kitchen is still not settled, so a shitty kitchen that isn't together.

    Major works to replace flat front door and frame, wont be finished as the making good is terrible. While the actual door finish marks really easily.

  • Lots of pandemic-weather cyclists out today

  • Over the last month I sold/gave away a lot of stuff that would have made a lockdown tolerable.

    Goodbye rollers..

  • I have rollers and a bike at home but I’m stuck at my partner’s (and my future house) in Leipzig. We were planning on heading home for the weekend to move another batch of stuff but Saxony has closed down for two weeks. In lockdown for two weeks and we don’t even have a proper kitchen.

  • Just had my mortgage application pulled because apparently they're only moving forward with applications for key workers? Minor I know, and no one was going to move house shortly but it's totally blindsided me.

  • I'm reading that as them saying that in 3 months time the only people they are confident enough to still be employed will be NHS staff, police and the fire brigade. Everyone else is at too higher risk of not having any income.

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COViD got me like...(minor/major inconveniences brought about by COViD-19)

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