Fixing stripped steerer threads

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  • I have a 1” threaded fork with about a half inch of threads stripped. Is this salvageable, and if so can anyone do it?

    I was reading online about adding material (brazing or welding) then recutting the threads. Maybe?

    Was also wondering about cutting off the end and welding a new section inline?


  • Or can I pretend it’s unthreaded and clamp an ahead stem on it?

  • You could cover the threads in braze and have them recut. I know of people having done this with stripped bottom bracket threads

  • Right ok! I’d need to find a frame builder for that then

    Forgot to post a pic last night:

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  • You could cover the threads in braze and have them recut. I know of people having done this with stripped bottom bracket threads

    Probably worth the cost to recover a frame but unlikely to be cost effective for a fork.

  • I have a similar situation, except I have a threaded steerer which is too long, so want to use it with an ahead stem rather than a quill. Can I trim back the steerer to size then install as an ahead style?
    Sorry to hijack your thread.

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  • No prob! I looked briefly for a 1" steerer stem to solve my problem too but couldn't find anything online. You seen some? Not sure it's such a good idea to use a shim on the steerer tube but maybe it's fine?

  • I'm no engineer but I'd personally be perfectly comfortable clamping a stem on that steerer. Don't clamp it onto any part of the threaded section though. Material has been removed to cut the threads and it will not be as strong.

  • At a desperate time I imagined facing the headtube on the frame down until the dud threads on the fork were completely dodged. I'm not sure you have enough head tube for that though.

  • If there's enough thread for the top nut of the headset to have good purchase I'd try using some PTFE tape or Loctite on the threads and seeing if it works loose.

    As discussed above clamping on the threaded section isn't clever and there's not likely to be enough steerer left if you cut all the threaded section off.

  • The welding doesn't need to be to particularly clever or fancy for this purpose. A few quick and dirty MIG or even Arc beads should give enough material to recut the threads. You do not need a frame builder, anyone who can weld [edit]for a living and many competent amateurs should be able to do it for you.

  • Suppose you'll need access to a die as well

  • Would this help

  • you wouldn't need a frame builder, any metal worker could do this. its basic stuff. if you're prepared to get your hands dirty you could do it yourself.

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Fixing stripped steerer threads

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