NHS worker needs a bike to borrow or cheap bike to buy ASAP

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  • Hi,
    My colleague has asked if I know of anyone with a bike to lend an NHS worker.

    She is 5’10 and lives in Greenwich but works at Guys in London Bridge and needs a bike pretty sharpish to minimise risk of infection on public transport.

    Can anyone help?

    Full disclosure: I don't know this person (she's a friend of a colleague) but I can put you in touch via email and you can have a chat.



  • Just re-checked the request, she could also pay up to £120 for one.

    As I said, I can put anyone who can help in touch.

  • @Vince might have one ..

  • Thanks for thinking of me!

    Nothing in stock that size at that price range unfortunately.

    If she can add a 0, I have my bridgestone in that size

  • Have you sold the facteur bike?

  • Toujours dispo!

  • Couldn't that work?

  • Sounds stupid but has she asked the local police where the stolen bikes end up for charity ?

  • http://www.lbk.org.uk/
    Bike kitchen ladies will know someone surely.

  • If this is genuine, I should be able to sort something out, and I'm in Greenwich.

    PM Me.

  • £80 racing bike you might want...

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  • ive got a raleigh pioneer she can have for free (im an nhs worker) but she would have to collect from lpool or meet me half way for petrol money - i wont take offence if she turns up her nose at an old pioneer - but they are great fun and it's offered for £0

  • I’ve got a trek singletrack 830 I need to shift. Last of the steel singletracks. I’m 5 10 so shouldn’t be any issues with it fitting. Decent spec - Kona P2 fork, 9 speed mix of xt, slx and deore. Would be happy with £120 for it. Could chuck in some lights and spare tubes and whatever else I have lying around as well.

  • Its getting more people asking for a cheap bike because off the infection possible on public transport .I have giving my spare rat bike which i dump at work.

  • Wow thanks all. I’ll respond to everyone above now and put you in touch.

  • Looks like something will materialise, but if nothing works, there’s a guy very near Greenwich on Insta called @Babyldn.bikes (who may well be also the user @Babyldn who seems to be On Here). Specialises in affordable rebuilds on budgets. Check it!

  • Also: All Riders need Two Good Locks, preferably of different types. I could lend a Krypto mini DLock on an indefinite but someday will return basis, I’m also near Greenwich. Really worth mentioning to your friend to be thinking about that if you haven’t. I’m sure someone else here could offer a good cable lock or chain & padlock. Gimme a shout if they want help with that.

  • its cool that there are so many nice people on here willing to help others during this crisis - love LFGSS

  • Beryl Bikes is giving bikes on free loan to key workers.

    Just drop them an email.

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  • Can't work out of this is resolved or not but I can sort her out with a decent bike for £100 if still needed (or any other NHS worker in same predicament around that height) - would like to say *free but it owes me £200, so can meet halfway... anyway I'm in SE1 20mins walk from Guy's, it's available right now, today.

  • I've also got a bike that I can let go for £60, full functioning Raleigh Coventry for the shorter lady. If anyone knows of a key worker in need please PM

  • People on here are so classy. Thank you all. I put three people in touch with the nurse (to be clear I don't know her -she's in touch with my colleague) so I don't know whether it's resolved. I'll try to find out tomorrow.

    Thanks all for the show of generosity and supporting someone who I'm sure is doing a fantastic job!

  • Can't help bike wise but happy to chip in/donate a bit for a lock - feel free to PM me :)

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NHS worker needs a bike to borrow or cheap bike to buy ASAP

Posted by Avatar for Quincy @Quincy