The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • There's Mouse with Borders which is similar to Flow for just Windows­/details.aspx?id=35460

  • @acliff master 2s is cheaper, and has a better shape IMHO (for users with larger hands). I returned the 3, and kept my 2s, which I've used daily since Aug 2017.

  • you can also do this which is mindblowing

    Only if you remember which keyboard shortcut for which system.

    The thing I hate about Macs is how they screwed up using the same shortcuts every other system in the world uses.

  • the most I use it for is
    -thumb button on my macbook to take a screen snip and get it saved to the clipboard
    -move mouse to other machine
    -CTRL-V in windows to paste in MS Teams

    I'm not a superuser of keyboard shortcuts though. Once I have the apps I need in the day open, it feels like one machine, which is good enough for me. For files, both have access to the same Dropbox and OneDrive accounts.

  • I was using a mac keyboard with Windows for a while, tiny mental gymnastics required for @ vs " and the cmd/ctr/Win etc keys for shortcuts.

  • The thing I hate about Macs is how they screwed up using the same shortcuts every other system in the world uses.

    This x1000000

    My MacBook Pro is coming to the end of it's life (the battery seems to be bulging). If it wasn't for the keymap I'd replace it with a new one but instead I'm thinking about something like a ThinkPad X1 Nano (if that ever ships).

  • Thinkpad X1 Nano looks awesome.
    Currently rocking a Thinkpad X1 carbon I7 gen 3 with SSD which is still really nippy though, and probably will never die.

  • Tried this, its like magic, but also seems a bit glitchy on the laptop. Wonder why that is.

  • I've just found out that the buttons on the inline remote on my iPhone headphones allow me to pause/play/skip/change volume/etc ...

    ... even when they're plugged into my Lenovo laptop that's running Windows and the music I'm listening is being played from Spotify in a Firefox browser tab buried somewhere in 100+ open tabs.

    It also means the media buttons on my IBM SK-8815 keyboard also allow me to control the music.

    If someone comes in to my home office, or my phone rings, I don't have to hunt for the right browser window in order to pause the music.

  • played from Spotify in a Firefox tab

    Why do you hurt yourself this way.

  • Re: the Mouse with Borders, Flow & Synergy chat - Barrier is open source (based on a fork of the earlier Synergy apps)

    It's cross platform, copy & pastes, is a doddle to set up, and is free (as in both beer & speech).

  • Flexispot EC1 (with 140x70 walnut desktop) installed.

    Loving it (as is my 10yo).

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  • I recommend this:­926FY2/

    and this to fit inside it (although yours may already fit):­KDNM3F/

  • Cable tidies annoy me. Yay it looks neat... oh, but I need to change something, takes 3x as long, ah fucksticks.

    As I'm sure you're aware I prefer to just let it all hang out :)

    This thread does have me pining for a sit/stand desk though.

  • Yep, had already ordered something just like that.

    If my big existing extension block doesn't fit I'll just get another. The current one is ancient and I don't need surge/lightning protection on TV aerial and phone connections here (or anywhere really).

    It should be big enough for both the normal mains extension block and the UPS extension block.

    Bit more tidying work required on the existing cables though, need to stick the EC1 desk cable to the underside of the desk (they provide sticky hook things to do this) and use the cable tidy wrap for the power cables that go up to the desk.

  • Or move everything up to the desk. I have this going spare (brand new boxed) if you want it.

  • Thanks but the ESXi box can stay below, it's nothing really to do with what's on the desk. It's just here because all of my computer clutter goes in this room and it needs to be near the UPS which is also there for the NAS and the networking required for me to remotely turn them off if the power goes for more than a few seconds.

  • Nice!
    Do you need so many power sockets?
    I guess the powerline socket doesn't have a passthrough, so knocks out one of the wall plugs.

  • It does have a passthrough, but I've found I kill powerline adapters die more quickly if I use the passthrough.

    As for sockets, it's just a general accumulation of IT crap:-

    Laptop, personal laptop, two monitors, printer, shredder, UPS, NAS, server, fan, battery charger, mobile charger, BT wifi disc, desk, network switch, other network switch, speakers, anglepoise

    Spare sockets for: raspberry pi, external HDD, soldering iron, random thing 3, etc.

    I've ordered a couple of 0.5m IEC C13 cables (for the UPS and the ESXi server) which should get rid of a load of unnecessary cable from the area. Also a 3 gang mains extension on a 0.5m lead for the top of the desk. Can also swap my big 8-gang extension block for a 4-gang that's elsewhere (and full already) that will mean the whole thing will be almost done.

    Stuck the cable for the desk motor to the underside of the desk so that looks neater too.

    Just need to buy the lamp (Ikea Tertial) and a 43" 4K monitor and it'll be done. Credit card can have a rest though for now, Christmas is coming.

    (I should be £££ neutral though if I sell my old Quad core PowerMac G5 and existing dual 23" monitor setup. Which is necessary as I need a new personal laptop to really finish things off.)

  • 200lb capacity.

    • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Nice set up. What's the desk chair you've got there?

  • I have it in pink

  • As @Ramsaye says, its the Langfjaell, but the shorter backed version to the one in his link

    And thanks! Redecorated early lockdown, the wallpaper helps some of the boredom up in the loft!

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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