The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • I only want 120cm width and 70cm depth

    Flexispot do smaller.­al-option-en1.html

  • Flexispot have a discount at the moment.
    You can buy them with a 120x80 tabletop, going to order one today with 140x70.

    You can fit any worktop you want though, as long as you’re happy to drill.

  • Planning to get the EQ4 with 15% off, I’m a short arse so being able to bring table height with the wider range on that to 68cm or so should make things work great.

  • I just take my laptop into another room and use the chest of draws as a standing desk

  • That's lovely. I adore things that you can look at for hours. I take it that '1/1' means it's an original?

  • hi Oliver , it was a limited print run of 1/1 :)

    from one of our young architects last year
    i managed to buy the print before he left us.
    check out his website­y

    amazing work, i'll never be bored of it.

  • The catch is that they're all a bit big. I only want 120cm width and 70cm depth

    A min of 50x100cm for the base soul made his desk from:

  • Anyone got any bright ideas on how you could make a foldaway desk that echoes these black wall brackets?

    (would be folded away occasionally, rather than regularly - say once a month max)

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  • I'm working from 8am to 3am.

    I'm sure this is sustainable and totes healthy.

    I mean, on the days I'm not having a breakdown, obvs.

  • Awesome.

    That is about as on brief as you could get.

    On the camper theme I could probably use some sort of extendable pole to support one corner as a fail safe for when tiny hands inevitably try to flip the release catch.

  • Not sure if you had an answer but Costco do a motorized one (with usb ports) in back or white for about £290

  • We've got the IKEA electric standing one for my OH - the hand-cranked ones felt a bit wobbly, but this feels solid. I'm tempted by a Flexispot one for my attic office, as there's not much floor space.

  • My setup.. high desk with ergo stool, reckon I spend 10% of my day standing.

    Ultimate WFH purchase is Plantronics Voyager Focus headset.. functionality and convenience is spot on .. would bang

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  • I'm working from 8am to 3am.

    If you were better at your job, maybe you could do it quicker?

  • Srsly tho - fuck that! I hope you're being compensated for working that much.

  • It's my own fault. I work my 'normal hours' (albeit with a longer lunch break) but then I'm helping the infra team with database migrations, server decommissioning etc and the business is full of pussies so everything has to go through 20 change control meetings before they agree an after hours time window for this to happen. So, because I'm bored I've been doing a lot of app investigation (there's no business knowledge of their whole suite of apps), cleanup and scream testing late into the night. Basically, I'm working two jobs because I'm frustrated at their total lack of progress (there's 10 year old security software running in Prod, servers unpatched for 2 years and every time I scream test one of their apps we find 10 fucking dependencies). It's frustrating as hell. "Just fucking do it!"

  • This is going to be a crazy year to look back on for many reasons, but it's mad to think that we've had 50+ years of development of the 'office', and then in six months or so we've had to switch to working at home.

  • I'm glad the noisy/distracting open office days are behind us, moved my office practically in the garden (conservatory) and also bought a nice coffee machine... Now I have to deal with kid noises (worse when it's your neighbours kids bouncing balls and not your own) and there's construction going on in the area... I do have noise cancelling headphones and they work nicely, but I miss the commute/races to central and nothing is forcing me through miserable weather so I need to get out on my own when it starts happening.

  • Current desk height is 78cm (it could do with going down a couple of cm but that a big faff moving everything off and adjusting the Ikea Bekant legs).

    Difference in eyeline height between sitting and standing is 35cm (for a shortarse like me anyway) crudely measured with a pencil and the wall.

    That means I need an adjustable desk that goes between 75cm and 115cm, which they all do.

  • Landed up getting some cheap chinese wifi RGB bulbs that also do white 2400-6500k and are dimmable, much nicer working environment now, I'll see how long they last but am now sold on it as a lighting solution so might pick up some Hue's at some point when on sale for the rest of the flat­ompatible-Google-Assistant/dp/B07YKF9HZ2­/

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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