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  • As a standing desk it is pretty poor as the monitors have to be moved with hex keys. So that's a once-a-day job at most. Also they won't go flush to the wall which is really shit.

    But at least I gain a bit of desk space and it didn't cost a lot

  • This is me.
    We chopped the legs off this breakfast table a couple of years ago so the kids could use it. (They write themselves nowadays don't they?)

    It's too short to sit at so I bought some desk leg extender riser things to increase the desk height by about 20 cm.
    Also bought a monitor riser. Would love a second monitor at eye level. But as I share the desk. I can't see how that would happen.

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  • You could replace with a super wide single monitor? Maybe 25 or 29 inch size. Would keep the same eye level, but give you more screen space left and right of your current monitor.

  • The Dell Ultrasharps are generally excellent, and their stands typically are really well built.

    I've got 2 Dell U2515Hs, which have a useful higher resolution at 2560x1440, while not taking up much more space than the 24 inch versions. Quite a bit more expensive though.

  • When you say now too short, is that too short for the kids but still good for you to use standing up?

  • Also remember that if you are on self assessment then you claim this WFH expense through that (although IMO it’s unclear where on the self assessment return). If you failed to claim this on self assessment in previous years then you only have until 31/1 in the year following Deadline submission to amend your return (ie claim). However, you may be able to claim overpayment relief if outside the time limits.

  • People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  • As Chalfie presciently noted:

    (They write themselves nowadays don't they?)

  • Charity shop desk has been doing okay for me, but the main surface is too high. I've been considering removing the drawers, jigsawing out a fair bit of the top surface and putting a new surface in on the bottom drawer supports, putting my keyboard and mouse at a far more comfortable height (just above my knees).
    Also weighing up 32" 4k vs wide monitor.

  • Desk leg extenders arrived. Legs now feel like they're not restricted. Arms now floating in space.
    Really. I think it would be easier getting the desk from work now....

  • Any adjustable standing desk recommendations?

    Popped into Ikea and played around with their motorised ones, but imagine there are better ones out there? (If not cheaper)

  • @Dammit ( I think) has one of these. Will probably get the same if I can ever track down a 1000x800 top

  • Natural daylight led strips, about a metre long, any firm favourites?
    Mains power rather than batteries.

  • 1000x800 top

    What's the reason for the limit on the size of the top on that Flexispot frame? Can't be weight as it takes up to 70kg.

    I've got a 160x80cm Ikea desk top that I'd love to just move onto a standing desk system.

  • I've got a 160x80cm Ikea desk top that I'd love to just move onto a standing desk system.

    Should be ok then.

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  • Should be ok then.

    Odd, I'm sure I looked at something that had a maximum width of 140cm. Oh well. Ta.

  • OK, 3 Ikea Flysta shelving units ordered to make a 6x4 cube wall in the home office, that should free up space on the desk and tidy a load of crap away. Can also move a load of books from the bottom of a bookcase elsewhere and make space there.

    (Wanted the Flysta as they're not as deep as the Kallax and the room is only 194cm wide so with the 80cm deep desk there's only 114cm to play with. With ~40cm of Kallax sticking out it doesn't leave much space for my fat gut and my chair)

    Also got a 2x2 Kallax to put the printer and shredder on. Printer is currently on top of an old bedside table and the shredder is on the floor. Can now put the contents of the bedside table (printer paper, cartridges, writable CDs/DVDs, etc) in the Kallax cubes, and the bedside table can go to local freecycle[1]). The NAS can go in one of the cubes too to get it off the desk.

    November I'll look at getting one of those Flexispot EC1 electric sit/stand desk frames and move the current Ikea Bekant desk top onto it, or I may just go for a smaller desk top, will see how it goes once I get the desk mostly clear of crap. Probably easier to sell on the current Ikea desk as a whole thing rather than just the base.

    Then if I see the 43" 4K monitor going cheap again (missed it last time it was £430, it's back up to £530) to replace the dual 23" 1920x1080 monitor setup. But I think the moneygun.gif would have mostly run out by then.

    1. The bin area in the estate opposite. Carried an old chest of drawers over there a few minutes ago and we hadn't even put it down before one resident asked if it was going spare.
  • After baulking at the cost of Philips hue lightbulbs, I remembered I has some old SunBlaster T5 growlight bulbs, popped two of them on this morning, cripes, felt like:

    6500k is too clinical so will find a 4000k bulb as suggested

  • monitors have to be moved with hex keys

    Would replacing them with these help?

  • Just trying to work out what configuration you are using to get 6'x4'out of 3 Ikea Flystas - I've got one and its 27 x 52 inches 🤔 .
    I found boxes that fit perfectly in the Flysta - Tjenna 30x30x30cm - should you want boxes.

    edit to add - can I find those boxes now ? - no 😕

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  • I could do with a quiet space for half an hour in (or very near too) the City on Wednesday - I have a presentation to give between 10.30-11, does anyone know somewhere I could use?

  • Just trying to work out what configuration you are using to get 6'x4'out of 3 Ikea Flystas - I've got one and its 27 x 52 inches 🤔 .

    6x4 cubes, not dimensions.

    3 Flystas vertically next to each other.

    So 207cm (69*3) cm wide and 132cm high. Whatever that is in imperial.

    (I'll also see how uneven my carpet/floor is when they are all lined up next to each other.)

    Thanks for the tip on the boxes, most of the stuff will just be going in on the shelves.

  • Bishopsgate institute might have a small room you can hire, but would cost. There are quite a few WeWork type places around the City too.

  • Probably not close enough but you're welcome to use my flatmate's room (Angel/N1) as he's away all week...

  • I'll also see how uneven my carpet/floor is when they are all lined up next to each other

    ok - the Flysta is not as stable as the Kallax

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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