The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • Like the Ikea chair above.

    You have it? Or like the look of it?

  • Does anyone have dates when they think they'll be heading back into the office?

  • 2021?
    Several of my friends have been told to get their annual travelcard refunded for the rest of the year already. It wouldn't affect me as I'd be cycling but I imagine i'd still be very much in the minority...

  • My place (office job) is bringing about 25% of people back in (who that 25% is may change from week to week) and I've seen similar figures elsewhere. I guess that's probably about enough to still keep up some distancing.

  • We've got maybe 5 out of 250 back in the office now, they say it's open so if you want to you can go, just need to tell your boss first. But frankly it's not that appealing at the moment, most food places are closed for lunch so you're left with Pret, the kitchen is closed so no free cereal/toast or coffee, you need to bring in your own mugs etc. The showers/locker room is closed if you cycle in and public transport is now deadly as well as miserable. The only real upside is air conditioning, assuming it's not recirculating the plague.

  • rumor has it that 3 of the 4 floors in our office are being sublet, so only 25% of staff will ever be back at our HQ at any one time, and that will start in September - although again rumor is that date will be pushed back to 2021

  • My company in Valencia announced a switch from entirely office based to 'flexible working' about 2 weeks ago. They're in the process of building a massive new office in the city (they are one of the biggest companies here) so no idea what is happening * but the plan is to have somewhere to work if you want, but everyone is able to choose as and when they go in.

    Colleagues planning to move here from Seville and Madrid are now changing their minds. It's great for me personally as I will have an office to go to (which I want, at least a couple of days a week) but can also work from home/villa by the sea/the UK whenever I want too.

  • I work for two interlinked companies; one has said "maybe September", the other "soon but only 12 people at a time" (there are c100 employees at that one. But I doubt it'll be that soon as the perspex screens they've ordered for all the desks are still on back order!

  • We had three offices in WeWork facilities in the middle of town, and were going to open a fourth - these have all been closed, as has our office in Paris and New York (also WeWork).

    We have the large offices in Reading and quite a number in the US, so we're not office free by any means, but for a number of colleagues and myself there is no longer a local office to go to.

  • The look I am afraid.

    In other news our company has now opened up to allow purchases of home working equipment such as keyboards, mice, screens etc.

  • That's a point, I wonder if my boss will still get pestered by HR for me not going into the WeWork office?

  • Interesting reading guys, my place is pretty much the same, we've just got around 30 people back in the office - around 400 on any day usually.

    I can't imagine this changing in the short term and to be honest WFH carries a lot of benefits.

  • So one more thing I hadn't thought of.

    Would working from affect your home insurance?

  • My Steelcase Please V2 arrived this morning and have only been sat on it 90 minutes so far but big upgrade from the dining room chair, the back support in all positions is fantastic

  • us too, although it will be owned by the organisation. I want a screen / keyboard anyway so just bought my own.

  • Found out today that my employer won't refund the £35 I've spent on running their computer since lockdown started. This comes on top of a voluntary 20% pay cut. My good will is wearing thin.

  • do those drawers still have the plastic wrapping on them?! :/

  • A previous work colleague was refused a coffee and cookie on his expenses, whilst flying here there and everywhere.

    He didn't often claim, because it was more hassle than it was worth. However with several stop offs and delays, he actually bothered.
    A particular stopover was deemed too short to qualify for subsistence as you'd get food and drink on the next plane.

    After that he claimed absolutely everything and if must have cost the Co a mint as well as a lot of good will.

  • Is there a go to home office chair for people just over 5 foot? Thanks!

  • think this might be the thread - only our main offices are returning people to work but the smaller depots like where I am based I'm not too sure so WFH will continue for the foreseeable - been agreed i can do 3 days when its BAU

    but a question on home setup I've got my laptop and a 27" monitor which is currently connected via HDMI cable I'm thinking to purchase my own 2nd monitor then i can run dual monitor without needing the laptop open - is this possible - I'm thinking a DP cable is what I need (laptop has a mini DP)
    will this also work with just 1 screen?

  • Yeah you usually just turn off whatever setting there is for "sleep when closed"

  • brilliant - found it

  • Has anyone seen any good deals (£40) on bluetooth keyboards with number pads and, ideally, F-keys?

    Now two of us are working at the same time more often sharing keyboards and stands is less of an option. The Logitech K270 I got cheap is fine, but I'd rather something a bit more solid and less noisy although equally happy to grab another.

    Was looking at this ARTECK one.


  • If your desk is in the area next to your en-suite toilet, always make sure you are on mute in an online meeting before you pay it a visit.

    There were only 23 others listening, including my boss and his boss, so could’ve been worse.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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