The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • Despite having a nice home setup I go and use a local co-working space once a week. Luckily I can expense it (well, most of it, it's treated as a BiK in the UK so I'll pay a bit of tax on it).

  • I'd love to go to a co-working space but there's no way I could afford it or it'd get expensed (live in the city my office is in). I've reached out to some pals and we're going to give it a go next week I think! Looking forward to lunchbreak boomerang-fu.

  • I spent 4-5 years working solo from home. Few days a week my partner was there as well but not sure that counts. Sharing our space with a mate since 18 months. Huge improvement on all levels, so much happier because of it.

  • moved to IoT thread

  • Is there such a thing as an electric blanket for the legs? OH is Italian, so feeling the cold more than me, but not worth putting on the heating. Not really finding anything on the search engines, but that may be weak google-fu.

  • Does it need to be electric?

    These are more than enough to keep you warm plus some under layers on the top half.

  • Doesn't need to be, but she's already dressed like the Michelin Man and still complaining. Mind you, she's just back from Italy where it was 26 degrees, so has a bit of re-acclimatising to do...

  • An 'electric throw'.­me/home-and-home-accessories/blankets-an­d-throws

    Partner uses the £60 quid Dreamland Relaxwell one, which is the market leader I believe.

  • Any decent wool throw should do it, no?

  • As suggested, search electric throw, electric throws are like blankets and electric blankets are like undersheets

  • Partner uses the £60 quid Dreamland Relaxwell one

    ...and, purchased. Thanks for that. Now just need to decide if I'll let her suffer until Xmas or give it to her now...

  • purchased

    Where from? I'm only seeing out of stock everywhere.

    Also - cheeers for the suggestion @chez_jay!

  • Just checked the weather in London, assuming you're there. Seems like you're having between 3 and 13 degrees C. Must be pretty grim without any heating on? I know you appreciate the cold from the running thread but if I were you, I'd treat her to some central heating.

    (or am I being overly swedish now?)

  • I don't know kl's financial situation, but for me, a £60 blanket is a damn sight better investment than chucking £60 on the gas meter at the moment. We're being absolutely fucked over by the suppliers.

  • Keep an eye on those electric blankets. I used to think the fire risk thing was of the past, until a friend set fire to his flat with a modern one a few years ago. Basically lost all his possessions through smoke damage.

  • Ah, yeah that makes sense. Same over here but we have little choice with -11C this morning.

  • The Dreamland official website - they were sold out of the grey, got the mustard.

  • We're in Kent - it's 8 degrees and a bit grim, and we're single-glazed. Today, I've put on long-sleeves for the first time this autumn and am thinking this might be my last week of shorts for 2022 tbh.

  • feeling the cold

    embrace daytime drinking?

  • These things are like gold dust.

    Argos have them back in stock in a few colours now though.

  • You do realise that your temperature sensitivity is - how do I say this tactfully - broke af.

    I was swimming in the frozen methane lakes of Neptune, and started to shiver a little after a few hours.

  • much like my gf who leaves the bathroom window wide open all through winter so every shower feels like it's being taken outdoors in fucking narnia.

  • Dress up as Mr Tumnus every time she does it. Then she'll either 1) stop pretty quick, or 2) you have an even bigger problem on your hands

  • problem

    Don't be such a square

  • fucking narnia


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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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