The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • Or a boring answer is self adhesive cable tie mounts and a loosely tightened cable tie.

  • Buy wireless things and therefore create a greater/different problem with batteries.

  • Solder qi induction coils to all the things and embed them in the desk

  • The 3d printed things are tempting, I could do with a 3d printer ...

    There's only a few wires in total so can't attach wires to other wires, I may just have to add more zip ties.

  • If you have any binder clips about they can be good for this

  • Co-working space was quite good. Asus ZenScreen worked really well next to the laptop, and I didn't mind the laptop keyboard being off to one side.

    Nice mix of the "being in an office type environment" vibe with the bonus of not actually having to talk to anyone (except for my colleagues on video calls, or the co-working office staff upstairs when I wanted a coffee). Booked again for next week (going to probably do 1 day a week there from now on).

  • There are these little rubber cable things that come in various sizes. Can't find a link just now but here are the ones under one of our stands. The are good.

    I also have a magnetic cable holder which will work as long as the cables arent too stiff. You attach little clips to the cable and then stick the magnetic plate somewhere sensible.

    (sorry for the dust)

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  • If you're in London you're welcome to some of these. I clearly don't need 60...­1TKNSM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title­?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • Cheers all. I've tried the loose zip ties for the moment as I had plenty lying around. Have been in the office though so haven't had the chance to see how that works out.

  • I went in one of these yesterday also and really liked it. Felt I was more productive than either being at home or in the office. Cost £41 for the day though which seemed a tad steep.

  • £41/day is steep but it depends on what is included.

    £20/day for me, and the daily rate drops when you go for more than 3 days during the month. 5 days = £81.50. 10 days =£150. No need to commit to anything, they just invoice you the appropriate amount at the end of each month.

    Meeting rooms, phone booths, lockers, monitors, etc all cost a bit more though, but I can use it in a pretty minimalist way.

  • It would be £150 for 5 days a month (VAT included), and that includes all drinks, monitor, meeting rooms if available, free parking. Might go for it for a month and see what I think

  • Just pulled the plug and purchased one of these. Same model as you mention. Found all the different models confusing as they ranged in price but had almost identical specs.

  • Yeah, it wasn't very clear what the differences were. Very happy with mine.

    Back on the coworking spaces. In the UK note that they're considered Benefit-In-Kind for tax purposes even if you can expense them, so I'll be paying some tax on them.

    40% of £80/month isn't bad though, and I'm getting tax relief on £6/week from HMRC anyway for working from home which covers a bit of that.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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