The working from home thread: tips and advice

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    and you're ready to go.

  • Enjoying my Lenovo especially after having to use my OH's screen last night. I'm sure that I could have spent a bit more and got something better with more features, but actually the screen height is fine as is and it was pennies over my WFH budget, so free as long as I make it a year 🤞.

    The only thing is, despite having a little cable tidy thing, the cables don't look that tidy. But I guess that's almost all Jon-mounted screens.

    Anker hub works, but have yet to get a USB C charger which will reduce the cables.

  • Bought a new mouse after a decade of using the old model. Needed to go wireless as the cats kept sitting on the cable whilst I worked.

    Razer Viper Ultimate is very nice. Especially with the little optional grippy stickers for the main buttons.

    Would recommend.

  • Pretty happy with my setup now - just a pretty empty room otherwise. The speakers are probably just as good as the MacBook ones, but there's not much point for anything more punchy.

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  • What’s the colour? Looks similar to what my partner wants for hers…

  • It’s called Ivy grey - think it’s a crown colour.

  • Do we have a LFGSS-approved dual monitor stand? Looking for the kind that clamps to the desk, will be for two 24" monitors.

  • Von Haus one has been very reliable for me.

  • Another vote for Von Haus. Holding up 2 X 27" just fine.

  • Thank you both, Von Haus ordered. Will set up this weekend.

    Quite a narrow nook I'm trying to fit these in, wonder if I can get used to one portrait / one landscape setup. In an ideal world I would have gone for a single widescreen but these are the only monitors offered free by company; am I fuck paying out of my own pocket if I don't have to.

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  • Have you considered a more triangular shaped desk and sitting facing into the corner more? That might allow you to fit both in the gap?

  • Ive found one portrait actually pretty good for reading docs / email / forum

  • I use one portrait and one landscape all the time. I much prefer it to other setups.

  • @stevo_com - considered but doesn't work with the rest of the room unfortunately, the limited space in there is working hard as gym / bike store / day bed / general crap room; so sitting at an angle just wouldn't fly.

    @spotter , @Ramsaye - cheers, my thinking is similar: portrait for inbox and reading docs, landscape for PowerPoint and Excel crap. I'm sure it'll be grand, issue is that when I'm in the office it'll be my partner's working space and she's stubborn AF; I floated the idea and she looked at me like I'd suggested joining Scientology. Will take some convincing!

  • I find having a monitor in portrait mode very useful for reading documents. Or, in my case, 2 of the 4 in portrait mode. #boastpost

  • It won't be for everyone but I get on perfectly well with mine stacked in landscape.

    I use the lower one for browsing and the top for coding/slack mostly.

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  • Interesting. I'm not sure if the Von Haus monitor stand allows for landscape stacking but worth considering!

  • I would stack landscape too. With the webcam in the dead centre.

  • I believe the common advice is to have the top of your monitor roughly at eye level, so you might struggle with what looks like 2x27", unless you're really tall.

  • common advice is to have the top of your monitor roughly at eye level

    Bear in mind that this advice is unchanged from the eighties, and speaks to working on VDUs.

    The difference being that the focus point was at the top of the screen.

    These days, focus tends to be towards the middle and lower half, and would suggest that having your screen a lot higher would be preferable.

    YMMV, of course.

  • The votes for stacking landscape came too late, and tbh I don't think I could handle the webcam in the middle and having a gap between the two screens :/

    All done, have mirrored my set up on my partner's laptop and looks like webcam, mouse and headset are all working seamlessly across key apps after a few switches in and out of the docking station. She's willing to give it a go for a week so fingers crossed.

    I'm in the office on Monday so I fully expect a call shortly after 9am with a very firm 'this is utter shite'!

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  • I don't suppose anyone in here is using a flexispot sit/stand system? They look like you get decent features for the money but i was wondering whether there's a catch?

  • Yup. Quite a few people are / have.

    @hippy is the most recent

  • Yep, been using mine for the last week or two (still need to get rid of the old desk).

    My back is still fucked but at least I can't blame it on the desk.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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