The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • I use my actual X1 keyboard about once every 3 months and then the difference between that any my normal keyboard covers up any specific annoyances at the X1 keyboard layout.

  • Now to try the right thread...

    I've just bought a second monitor for my work laptop. Is there a cheap option for running dual laptops with only one HDMI out? Both monitors are AOC CU34G2b/k, with the usual hdmi and display ports.

    I've tried a hdmi USB converter but it's not recognised by the pc. Not sure what to try next.

    Problem is that the laptop is a measly 11" which makes working even with 1 large monitor difficult.

  • Forgot to add that it doesnt have a USBC port...

    This thing is archaic

  • Ah, in that case you'd probably need something like­2dpes2-Graphics-adapter-DisplayPort/dp/B­078869LWB
    although they aren't 100% reliable, would need to install drivers (probably won't need admin rights but I wouldn't guarantee it) and will only drive your monitor at 30Hz

  • Hey hive mind!
    I've set up a zoom meeting for someone - I'm down to host but the meeting can start without me.
    What happens if I don't go, and instead attend an alternative zoom meeting organised by someone else?

  • Should be fine.

  • Thought this would be a good place to ask.

    I have a teams meeting tomorrow. I have lost access to my old work office 365 that gave me the full package Inc functioning Teams so I have to use the meeting link.

    Unfortunately, I need to sit in a different part of the house (bedroom) because of building work.

    How can I test backgrounds on Teams now, ahead of the call, without having access to the Teams app?


    How can I test

  • You may be able to click on the link, set up video and audio settings, then not join the call.
    Or, one of us can send you a meeting link now. PM me if you want to do that.

  • Teams is free so you can just set up an account on your personal email and log into that prior to the call and make sure it's all as you want it.

    Otherwise I'm fairly sure, but not 100%, that you get to set it before clicking join.

  • Cheers.

    I tried clicking on the link and previewed it that way. My OH said it saves those settings, but I'll double check before hand anyway.

    Thanks again.

  • Verco flux or v-smart aren’t tooo uggo.

  • Let me know if you ever need to test anything like that again.

  • You could always try a variation on what my OH has done.

    Get a standard office chair then hang your cardigan and scarf thing over the back.

    It conceals the ugly chair and gives you extra storage space.


  • Cheers will do.

  • I used to work for Verco and own a V-smart, they're not that adjustable, just up and down pretty much and then a 'floating' back and seat tilt, so either they'll work for your body or not. I like the Herman Miller Setu and a decent looking work chair, although the same applies. I think they discontinued them due to the mesh breaking, but mine's hanging on in there for now.

  • recommendations where to grab a bargain?

    When I was looking before we got our free ugly one, ebay seemed to have some mid century bargains. Most of the ones I had shortlisted needed work to make them nice. But I reckoned for ~£200 you could find something half way cool and functional then replace the seat foam and DIY reupholster.

    I generally shortlisted anything with a cast(e?) alu base. Based only on the notion that it wouldn't have been a cheap thing to make at the time. Idk if that's true or not, but that was my critera.

  • Desk update.

    Still looks clean-ish and relatively uncluttered on top.

    The underneath is a different matter.

    Personal laptop hanging down on left hand side in cargo net.
    White 8-way mains extension is un-UPSed (fan, chargers, laptops, desk, 3-way extensions on desk)
    Black 4-way mains extension is connected to the UPS (network switch, monitor, KeyLight)

    Network switch, laptop power supplies, mains extensions, all velcroed to the underside of the desk.

    Work laptop is in a vertical stand on the desk itself, just a single USB-C cable to connect it to a dock that then has a small USB hub to connect keyboard and other bits. I did have it hanging down on the RHS of that picture with a laptop cooler in a cargo net but it was more hassle than it was worth.

    Clamped things are (left to right): monitor, Elgato LP Mic Arm, Elgato Key Light.

    Need to sort out the two other monitor cables that hang down as they should get bundled into the white spiral wrap thingy.

    Under the main part of the desk nothing hangs down more than a couple of inches, so I'm never having anything brush against my legs/knees as that would be really annoying.

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  • can we get a top / straight on shot as well?

  • I first was under the impression that the photo was taken standing up, looking down at all the things in the corner of a room, then realized you must have been lying on the floor, and that it's the underside of your table actually 🙃

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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