The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • I've tidied up slightly now, the Raspberry Pi and the box have gone with the others and my daughters camera is now back in her room. The rest of the filth and clutter remains.

  • Every fucking app sends data to Facebook... block, kill, #deletefacebook

  • Or block it all at DNS layer using PiHole or

  • My boss tore a strip off one of my colleagues for videoing into a meeting from his bed the other day. Looking forward to when she realises I am doing the same as I literally have nowhere else to work in the fucking house.

    Also looking forward to finding out what sort of horrible musculoskeletal issues three or more months of working whilst sitting on a bed is going to guide me.

  • Whereas we are "ok, so you're in bed and you have a cat... show us you're cat... lovely" and then on with the meeting.

  • Pretty sure my boss dials in from his bed... Thinks it's the only quiet space rather than the only space. The window into various people's worlds is fascinating and odd.
    I don't video meet. Audio only.

  • I've been forced to put away my IBM Model M Keyboard, because its too loud.
    Definitely not the most social keyboard to have when working from home with other people in the house.

  • My. Back. Oh. My. Send a decent chair quick!
    Have been sitting in my daughters room on a wooden chair. After 9 hours, my back is in agony!
    Have been in the office also sending out screens, keyboards, docking stations, mice and USB headsets to colleagues. £135k of kit to 600 people. Massive respect to anyone in logistics or distribution. Shit isn't easy!
    What's everyone doing chair wise?

  • I've had this issue as well, found working in the living room with my surface pro was painful for my back and with my parents at home I cannot seem to focus.

    My brother resorted to sorting me out with a screen and wireless keyboard and I'm using the ironing board as as a mini desk, working wonders so far as it helps my posture as I'm currently sitting on the edge of my bed and if i need to stretch I can just lean back on my bed.

    Winning so far...

  • Maybe a standing desk or a box on a desk?

  • Well yeah, I've got pihole here and I use NetGuard to block FB etc on the phone.

  • I went to a standing desk several months back. Wouldn't go back to sitting. Terrible for you.

    My is electric so I can sit if I need occasionally.

    I also find standing a lot better for cognitive function.

  • I've been off work with a nasty bug for two weeks, not C19... I caught it at work (three of my colleagues came in while they were very sick, thanks, guys!), I couldn't get rid of it cuz I was so run down...

    My old role got split into two so I hired someone to do the crappy bit of my old job, trained her up, then I got sick, the corinavirus thing got a bit serious, back to work but from home and now the new workload has been drastically cut because of the pandemic, I've been twiddling my thumbs quite a bit... Not sure if a win or not... But I think it's a win...

    Can't help but feel a bit guilty (and at times, a bit worried I should be doing more) but I do deserve a bit of a break... I love WFH, less distractions, great coffee and snacks, terrific selection of tunes, etc...

  • its a refinite reccomendation then? I'm 6'7" and have had some back problems in the past. I assume shoes matter too?

  • Refinite?

    I cant talk for all back problems. But I'd spend hours in a bad posture. Moving to standing stopped that.

  • Probably meant definite.

  • I used to do all my studying at home standing up. Especially if I needed to focus on all nighter essays etc. But it would kill my feet by morning so yeah I think that part is important! Maybe try a knobbly mat so pressure points can move around. I used an old fashioned drawing desk. Still have it, think I need to clear space to use it again, my back is pretty bad atm but I'm also waiting on a connector so I can get a screen set up and not peer down all the time.

  • I’m entering the third week of WFH.

    We’re completely closed for business in Italy but still have customers abroad. We also have production elsewhere in Europe which is still up and running. Obviously the markets have slowed down as did my workload. I’ve opted to work 50% for the time being.

    The first week was fulltime however, two shifts of 4 hours. My missus works from home as well, both being on the phone a lot. Both having a decent noise cancelling headphones really saved the day for us.

    For me it’s important to really take a break, much more so when WFH than in the office or being on the road. So I used to do a 30m / 45m turbo session during lunch.

    Now, having more time available I’ll up my game and “reward” myself with a longer turbo session per day. Never thought I’d say this, as I never liked the turbo, but I’m actually looking forward to the sessions as it helps to focus on something else.

  • Lego games are great for co-op, get marvel avengers. If your mrs likes super mario you won't go wrong.


  • Death Squared is pretty good fun. Co-op puzzler.

    Overcooked 2, Worms, Rocket league, Neon Chrome.

    There don't seem to be that many out there.

    Also ta

  • You might get more/better answers here:­20/

    You're correct! Ta

  • I am so sorry to have to do this again, but we had a delivery to King's College Hospital on Friday and it was gratefully received. However, just got an email from the hospital asking if we could send more supplies as soon as possible as their cupboards are bare again.

    I can't remember where I read it, but someone said now that we are all WFH, we can all donate our train / bus money to fundraising like this one.

    OK, granted, most of us probably cycle anyway, but just saying...

    Please donate if you can, share far and wide.


  • Thanks for the tip, my feet was killing me today after trying to work standing up. Using the yoga matt atm, but i think I need to find an alternative to this.

    Working standing up its much nicer.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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