The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • Humanscale are the other brand if you've got more money to spend.

    Still blissfully happy with my Flexispot though.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations of screen recording software, ideally free, have been tasked to record how a product works. Is captive still a thing?

  • We have just had to do something similar and have used Loom, seems to be OK.

  • I recently made some short videos using OBS Studio for screen capture and voice. I found it easy to use once I'd read the quick start guide.

    It was pointed out to me afterwards that I could have used MS Teams which I already had, by doing a solo meeting and recording that. Oh well.

    I also tried Loom but preferred OBS.

  • Thanks, good shout on using Teams

  • Mac or PC?

    If you're on Mac, the built in Screen Recorder in Quicktime Player works well

  • I've been using OBS for recordings. If you're on a PC Windows Game Bar(?) has a recording feature built in too, just hit Win+g to open it up. Worked well until my computer started playing up and I was too lazy to fix it.

  • If anyone close enough to SW15 wants an Ikea desk then it's going free (well, forum donation) now:-­20/

    I used this as my WFH desk for years until I upgraded to a Flexispot.

    It's taking up too much space, isn't selling, so I just want to get rid. I've tried to donate it to various charities and they don't seem to be interested. If it still hasn't gone in a week then it goes to the furniture section at the local tip.

  • This just happened, luckily after a team meeting, and now the back of this IKEA Snille chair is much springier than it should be. Date code moulded into the plastic says October 2008, so not a bad innings.

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  • Anyone using [­all-of-fame/mouse-without-borders/]

    Setup up so I can now use my laptop just using my main keyboard and mouse, but it seems really slow when I using the laptop, couldn't see any options that may help with it.

    Any one encounter this issue?

  • "Mouse without borders"


  • Any other solutions welcome!!

  • I just have a mouse and keyboard which allows you to switch devices. This kind of thing­ss-Keyboard-Qwerty-Layout/dp/B01MT5WLHY

  • I used to do something very similar with x2vnc 15+ years ago. I assume it still works and there appears to be a win2vnc version (requires Win95 or later).

  • Somebody, somewhere, mentioned a birch ply type material/brand that's a bit like Formica. Comes in a variety of colours within the laminate (I might be making this bit up)? Have any of you been using something like this for a desk top?

  • Recall this too. Maybe @Soul?

  • Not me

  • Think it was in the interior design thread, someone even posted a house advert where it was used in most of the rooms but can't remember the name, thought it began with V

  • Valchromat? It's a through-colour MDF

  • that's what I was thinking of and then Richlite is the one with coloured layers

  • @hoefla and @greentricky Great teamwork – thanks! Those were the exact ones I was trying to find names of. I was like "I swear it has a guy's name in it. Rob. Rogers." Richlite.

    Bodes well for it being a durable surface.­ology-hdf-valchromat-top-for-parf-dogs-1­02537

  • ^Also, love that colour. 10/10 would bang, etc.

  • Richlite is nice but fookin' pricey. Might be managable for a nice desktop though.

  • Fenix is a formica type coating which you can get on ply. It's more matt than formica and has basically no texture. You can also iron it to remove scratches.

  • Did an IKEA trip so got a new desktop pad (£22) and a tertial light (£12) that looks suspiciously like Anglepoise but without the price tag. All sitting on top flexispot desk.
    Just need to sort out what to do with the laptop to clear some real estate

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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