The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • I'm not ready for a desk to need a firmware upgrade

    Unlike everything in your kitchen? :P

  • Their promo video covers the basics­/float-product-video-2018.mp4 but you can just go to John Lewis and see them in action there as many of the larger stores have them.

    Ok, I want one now. Take my money!

    Seriously though, do any other manufacturers use a similar method?

  • Ok, I want one now. Take my money!

    Seriously though, do any other manufacturers use a similar method?

    Not for a full desk, no.

    But the mechanics do exist and aren't new, the Float is just the first (and presently only) desk to do this.

  • Yeah, I've seen those "desk topper" things but I want a full desk. Like I said, my Ikea desk is outside drying off after a leaked pipe got its legs damp, so I'd happy torch it and get a new desk. Actually I think I'm happy working off the dining table for now but when I move into a real size house I will be looking for this desk again.

    Like, what's the best version of one of these things, to fit to a dining table and lift monitor, kb and mouse:­ble-Workstation-Computer-Settings-Black/­dp/B07B9XL3VH

  • She looked like she shat herself when she pressed the button while sitting on it... Held it together but...

  • This one has a similar, non-digital-non-hand-crank function:­krite-cascade-counter-balance-height-adj­ustable-desk

    Still spendy though.

  • Probably something like the Fully Cooper:­ing-desk-converter.html

    But these things weigh a bomb, carry a healthy risk of trapping things (fingers, coffee mugs, pens, etc), take more space than you think... and their size and weight effectively makes them permanent but without any of the benefits of it being a real desk.

  • Nice, I hadn't found that one.

  • Whereas the float is a counterbalance and spring

    Ah, missed that bit, makes more sense then.

  • I'm not ready for a desk to need a firmware upgrade

    Unlike everything in your kitchen? :P

    I can accept a washing machine needing a firmware upgrade over bicycle gear levers needing one... but a desk! That's where I draw the line.

  • Their promo video

    First the comfy 4 inch fuck me heels, then the super comfy chair and monitor set up.

    I mean - the mechanism is really nice, but anyone sitting or standing at that desk setup is going to have neck, back and shoulder problems.


    Some person doing a full installation of the Float... and around 17:00 you can see the counterbalance stuff.

  • We all have our weird lines :)

    I've never updated firmware on my Di2 fyi.

  • Two Fucking Hours of video of some guy building a desk? What have we become?

  • Spares me having to record the same thing 😂

  • You wouldn't dare!

    I'm off to add "unboxing videos" to the I hate thread.

  • High heels sound perfect as a firmwear upgrade. :)

  • So basically it works like a sash window?

  • Not quite... this mechanism has springs in it to handle variance in weight on the desk, and the counterbalance pulleys cross from side-to-side to ensure even if weight isn't evenly distributed on the desk that each side moves the same distance.

    If you mean "it has a balance on a pulley", well yes... hence counterbalance, but that is a simplification as a sash window mechanism couldn't be adjusted or handle an uneven or changing load.

  • My stuff has started arriving.

    Ordered the desk 2 days ago, and it turned up this morning.

    Also received 2 of the 3 Elgato Multi Mount L's, and the K&M microphone mount.

    The problem now is that I haven't prepped and painted the room yet. Won't get a chance this weekend to do more than the basics, and in reality I thought this stuff would take a month to turn up so I now need to store everything whilst I prep the room.

    Room prep is going to need:

    • Temporary decabling of everything in there, and a temporary recabling of bare minimum internet.
    • Clean all walls and ceiling, fill holes, sand, mask everything off, etc.
    • Paint all surfaces except floor.
    • Recable the existing setup.
    • Install full-wall shelving (which I haven't yet ordered).

    And then I can move things in.

    The existing stuff in the room that will need recabling just so that I can paint the wall behind the rack: Media PC, NAS, 2 switches, router, controller, Raspberry Pi x 2, Wi-Fi AP, Hue hub.

  • When do we get a photo of the wankatorium?

  • Never?

    When it's done?


    Just ordered the shelving... will take 6/8 weeks to acquire... but the room should be usable long before then, just won't be completed until then. Black frame, oak shelves and drawers.

    The wall it is going against is 182cm wide from floor to ceiling (measured at multiple points)... so this will fit perfectly, though I'm anticipating the skirting board will mean I bend one of the legs in, hence no drawers all the way along as I may have to move that shelf up.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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