The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • OG sailing plimsoles !?

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  • The problem with anything like that is without socks they smell.

    Think I'm going to stop procrastinating, do some work and live with my Lidl crocs until they die/move to flipflops in the summer.

  • If it's flipflops we're talking I've never met a pair to beat these for comfort- everyone who tries mine on instantly buys a pair. I've had them three years now (and live in them for 6 months of the year) and they show no sign of ageing/falling apart...­b/tnf-gb/mens-base-camp-ii-flip-flops-47­aa?variationId=C5W

  • one thing to be said for crocs/croacalikes is the opposable strap which means they can either be super easily slid on/off like slides, or marginally more secured like clogs, which is actually quite useful.

  • Vans are doing a croc style slip on

    ..ha! Not really nice though indeed, plus they're rather expensive aren't they?

  • But I need something that can be also used without socks.

    How about Birkenstocks?

  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand why you're all wearing shoes (or worse, crocs) at your desks?!

  • my flat is mostly wooden floors so it's grip as well as warmth, and I often use a standing desk so it's also comfort. Tbh I wore slides around the house before working from home anyway.

  • Makes sense.

    Maybe I will find I have no choice but to join the croc addicts when I start using my standing desk

  • Any tips on isolating the noise of a laptop fan when doing audio recording? Even my OH's posh directional desk mike still picks up an annoying whine.

  • Trying to muffle the laptop is likely to reduce its ability to cool itself and in turn make the fan spin faster and louder. Easier to get USB & HDMI extension leads and put the laptop outside the room.

  • How much are you lot spending on house shoes/slippers? Or do you all expense them?

    £140 (GOLF CUNT!), not expensed, worth it for the reduction in agony

  • If it's not going directly into specific software, your phone will do a decent job of recording audio.

  • 2 squash balls cut in half to hold up the 4. corners of the laptop? Deaden the fan hum through the rubber and increase airflow.

    I’ve had a condenser mic that did pick up a little background from a MacBook.

  • I've gone for standing on an old yoga matt folded over itself. Works pretty nicely, did not cost £140.

  • A bit of cable hell to sort out but my Flexispot desk is working well. Wasn't sure whether to invest or not until now but I'll be WFH at least a couple of days a week post-COVID so it makes sense.

    Gonna get a nice leg tan in this sun

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  • Nice. I see the Tertial is becoming the lamp of choice for under £10.

    I'm almost there. Work laptop has gone, monitor is mounted on a stand, but with Mrs GB using the desk a lot more I need to move my laptop back and forth and moving the power cable is annoying. Luckily a spare power cable is only £15 or so, so I can get one to dedicate to the underside of the desk.

  • I see a lot of workspaces with an anglepoise-type-lamp: what the benefit of that over turning the room light on? Less glare?

  • Adjustability.

    I also have a 5000K bulb in mine which is good when I need to focus on some paper on my desk. Much easier to read with that than a warm (~3200K) bulb.

  • To be honest I never use the lamp. I think it's vestigial from my student days when I actually wrote stuff on pieces of paper.

    But I do have a Gollum-like tendency to sit in the dark once the sun sets so it removes the barrier of having to walk over to a light switch

  • Good to get a bit of light on the desk behind the screen to ease the contrast between a light screen and a darker room

  • Have had a log cabin sat in the garden just bring used as storage, so have recommissioned it as an office, and pretty happy with it as a space, just needs a few finishing touches now.

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  • Aaaah that's amazing, I'm very jealous! :)

  • Im not 100% sold on the whitewashed walls, but my wife did it when she considered using it as a garden room, and I really can't face repainting it.

    I need to insulate both the floor and ceiling before the winter, but can't face that currently, especially as it involves ripping up the floor, and there is no chance I can do that without causing mass damage. Considering putting a sanded OSB floor down afterwards.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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