The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • You can claim your 21/22 tax relief now, and 20/21 and 19/20 if you haven't already­ees/working-at-home

  • Also I know this place is very much r/buyerforlife, but seriously?!

    How much are you lot spending on house shoes/slippers? Or do you all expense them?

    @CanonAxe - did they give you a refund? I'd be fucking livid if I dropped a ton on footwear and it didn't even make the year. Even more so when it spends most of its life indoors under a desk or in front of a sofa.

  • Yep, they offered a replacement first but I demanded a refund which took awhile to get.

  • Plenty available in the UK

  • I recommend the £15 mahabi copies from M&S

  • It was a joke about them being French super market shoes.

    I find their popularity pretty baffling. People spending >£50 on them astounds me. Everything about them is designed to be cheap and disposable. Great for cheap kids summer shoes, but for adults?

    It's like when Havaianas were in and people were paying £30-40. "ooohhh but they're so comfortable".

  • £30 rapha slides have served me well until my dog destroyed them.

  • Ha, yeah, I fell for Havaianas once in a sale. I had terrible blisters and never wore them again.

  • How much are you lot spending on house shoes/slippers? Or do you all expense them?

    My artisinal handmade Lithuanian felt slippers cost a very reasonable £97 inc P&P in 2016. Don't think I can really pass them off as a legitimate business expense.

    Another round, or shall we head straight to the 19th hole for a quick one?

  • I schlep around in a variety of 20 year old Nike Dunks that be worth £500+ a pair if I’d just kept them in the box

  • WFH: When so i get to ride a bike? Lack of commute sucks

  • Half the people I know here working from home seem to get loads of riding in around lunch

  • Wouldn’t have happened if you’d paid £45 like I did for mine.

  • Ah. Those. Have to fight for them.

  • I just pretty much do my commute anyway and back home every day in the morning before working from home at 9 am. Just treat it as A Thing I Must Do

  • The blue have been out of stock for around a year now.

  • Can anyone recommend a lap/lighting for behind monitors? My office gets the sun in the morning but in the afternoon, it't not dark enough to have the full light on, but enough to strain my eyes relative to the monitors. @Soul you look to have one on his set up (which is ridiculously nice all round)?

  • I have this thing...

    It's definitely not the best lamp ever but I'm pleased with how it performs in lighting the corner of the room and I also use it to bounce light off the ceiling for a better web cam picture.

  • Vans are doing a croc style slip on (cc @tinakino)

  • Wow!


  • Wow indeed.

    Those are not nice.

    I could see these being worn by the person that mops the morgue a few weeks after the fridges have broken.

  • Havaianas

    This will make me sound like a prick now... but I do actually have quite a few pairs that I bought in Colombia, as well a couple from Brazil that are still just about usable. The surf ones are a bit chunkier.

  • We get our mock crocs from Peacocks, but they are out of stock.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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