The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • I've had the same Philips 34" ultrawide for a few months.

    Do you have any issues with it? I find fonts not quite as sharp as my 25" 1440p Dell.

  • Ah yes, I just looked at the dimensions and didn't realise it included the stand. Looks like a 32" 4K would be about 25% taller in the screen which I think I'd find too much but obviously each to their own.

    I generally use the ultrawide as akin to two monitors.

  • By my reckoning it's more like this...

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  • Can't say I've noticed although I moved onto it from a couple of 10 year old HD monitors so it's a big improvement over those.

    I guess you'd maybe expect it to be a little less sharp, the Dell should have a higher pixel density.

  • I am very happy with my 2 25" 1440p Dells.
    Same overall screen real estate as the 49 inch ultrawides.

    Though I would very much like the 49 ultrawide to avoid the bezel in the centre...

  • Yes, more like 20% actually. I was thinking I wouldn't want to move the bottom of the monitor so would be along these lines which personally I wouldn't be too keen on.

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  • i might have a 4k 28" samsung screen for sells, if anyone is interested.

  • Do you have something you could attach this to?¬≠-mini-black-charcoal-jb01517-0ww/

    Or maybe a quad lock case and some sort of adapter

  • Kinda want to avoid a tripod because they take up footprint and have a habit of falling over.

    I've ordered a flexible arm with a desk clamp - doesn't take up footprint and should be sturdy.

  • Does anyone use anything like this and have feedback?­fr500-foot-rocker-cherry

    Or a cheaper alternative, even better

  • My Mum has one in her home office, and swears by it! I've not used it for extended periods, but for occasional use it was very comfortable.

  • Looks like I need to start saving up!

  • Me and my SO use an Ergofoam foot rest and are happy with it

  • The only issue with using the ultra wide is my colleagues complaining about the size aspect when screen sharing in meetings.

  • Yeah, that's what puts me off. I've used ultra-big monitors at work and screen sharing was always a faff having to resize and share specific windows especially if you need to jump between apps. I like being able to just share the screen, and also that I can maximise to just the one screen.

  • That's why you want two monitors. One for doing most of your work on and you can share and drag random stuff to.

    I have a QHD I use for most things and a 1680x1050 (WSXGA+?) at the side which I share and video conference with. My camera sits on the top of that one.

  • I try and avoid sharing my screen (who knows what random crap will pop up) and just share windows instead. If I really have to share a screen I'll share the laptop screen.

  • who knows what random crap will pop up

  • I have two monitors. Both the same size so I don't need to worry about which one I'm using to do a thing :)

  • Having a 2 screen set up is honestly the only thing that has kept me vaguely sane wfh

  • oh yeah, no way I could work just on a laptop screen. I've got dual screens that pretty much match what I'd have in the office because back when it was just the odd WFH day it was easiest to have it set up so my usual desktop worked at home as well.

    For a while I had the laptop open as well with my outlook calendar on, but it was too easy to switch tabs to all sorts of timewasty stuff so I had to close it.

  • Laptop screen for teams meetings, monitor for the work/"work" I'm actually doing.

  • The trouble with that is you either need pathetic resolution (eg 1080p) on them or people can't see your screen on their rubbish.

    My office has had a refurb while their aren't many people in much. Triple 1080p monitors on all the desks. I've used one for a day and they are awful.

  • In the process of rigging up my fourth monitor in my home office. Three was OK, but another would be useful.

  • Started using Camo this week so I can use my iPhone as a webcam positioned in front of my big central screen. Taped the bottom of an Amazon envelope to the back and it works an absolute treat as a holder.

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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