The working from home thread: tips and advice

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  • What OS? If Windows then Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000. Not if Mac OS as the exposure is all wrong for some reason.

    Edit: Doesn't seem to actually be in stock anywhere :(

  • If Windows


    Edit: Doesn't seem to actually be in stock anywhere :(


  • Other recommendations welcomed; something that is compatible with a tripod mount would be good.

    Edit: I just ordered something generic from ebuyer to combine postage charges.

  • Got the vertical stand, it is ideal. Thanks!

  • Cheers all for the tax stuff.

    Cupcakes - pretty sure there's a Logitech that everyone gets. Might be a little over your budget, but I don't remember it being a lot.

  • If you have an android phone then I suggest using your phone. DroidCam is free and works well, but it worth getting a cheap tripod.

    No idea if there's an iOS version, sorry.

  • Cheers, I've actually been using droid cam. Agreed it's good! Just wanting something permanently set up, and since I'm not paying there's no need to use a workaround or hack.

  • The camera on even an old phone will be much better than a webcam...

  • This is so bloody annoying. You can buy a fancy laptop from someone like Apple and it comes with a rubbish camera. If only they could borrow some of the technology from their other products.

  • On the topic of webcams I have one of these someone can have for £10 collected from SE19 if interested. In the box and never used as I got something else in the end.­Webcam-with-Microphone/dp/B086QTK3NL/ref­=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=webcam+1080p&q­id=1610199860&sr=8-4

  • I finally got round to ordering one of the flexispot standing desks today. Annoyingly the glass one I liked is totally out of stock but not a huge change going for the EQ4. If anyone wants a referral code then mine is here....­berts

  • Can I set up a laptop with additional monitor but have the laptop closed but the monitor still showing what is on the laptop?

  • Yes!

    Just mirror the monitors rather than extend, and make sure that in power options you haven't got the laptop powering off or going to sleep when the lid is closed.

  • There’s no Mirror option??

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  • Sorry Duplicate is the word they use, does that not work?

    You could also select, just show on 1 or 2, depending on which your monitor is.

  • Yes, dulplicate is what you want.

    I've been doing it for years on Windows. Have either my work (Thinkpad 480S) or personal (Acer Aspire 5) laptops setup like that and then change the monitor input as required (or do Picture-In-Picture).

  • So I’ve selected only show on 2. The laptop screen is off but when I close the laptop the main monitor goes blank

  • Ah look in power options, it is probably sending the laptop to sleep.

  • Power & Sleep settings
    -> Related Settings
    -> -> Additional Power Settings
    -> -> -> Choose what closing the lid does

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  • Thanks chaps

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  • Going back to the chat about powering on laptops when they're closed and the power button is on the inside. I had a look in the BIOS and set it to automatically power on/wake when the power comes on. Turning my monitor on (which also provides the laptop power) now turns the laptop on without having to open it and press the power button which is nice.

  • Nice.
    I timeshare my work desk with my daughter's nappy-change area. When it's time to start work her bumrags get evicted and I set up shop. I carry my monitor from my wardrobe and plug it in.

    It's worked fine so far, until my aged monitor started protesting at both the power lead and HDMI cable being put in and taken out each day, and now I have to wiggle both before they're happy.

    These things are sent to try us.

  • Out of curiosity, Are you able to get the docking station instead? My previous company did this as the norm

  • I prefer nappy changing on the floor.
    My son has a habit of trying to suicide roll off a nappy change table unless I use my left arm to hold him down...

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The working from home thread: tips and advice

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