Grief and loss

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  • I didn't think this thread would exist for a while, if at all.

    But I've just heard about the first death in an extended network... 2 degrees of separation. So this is tangibly real and this should exist for those who need it.

    At the moment I'm observing shock ripple through that network, I'm detached enough to only be observing at a distance.

    When it's closer to home... this thread is here.

  • Thanks @Velocio really important thread to open. Here for all

  • My boyfriend runs a charity about grief – they used to run weekly groups in London but the last was yesterday before they stopped face to face meetings. They are looking at online equivalents at the moment so if anyone sadly might need support in this way you can find them here.

  • @Oliver Schick kindly pointed me here. Maybe not the thread to dredge up but here goes

    Dunno if this is the best place for it but just lost a colleague and friend to CV19. Hurts as it always does to lose someone, but it's frustrating that it happens so late in the pandemic as we know so much more today compared to a year ago. Some basic precautions could've helped to avoid this chain of events, but it's too late for that now.

    Anyway, just needed to vent. Be careful out there and look after each other.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this @kboy.

  • Really sorry to hear that @kboy

    So much about this context that makes it hard to process the grief and loss we feel losing someone. I hope manage to find a way to connect with those you were close to around them.

  • Thanks both. Not close enough to really hurt, but close enough to sting. Think my major gripe is the unnecessity of it. And the constant weighing of casual leisure vs other people's safety that's been the new normal for the last 18 months. It's a strange new world.

  • I always find it odd when people post about the most intimate things on platforms like FB etc

    Like I feel this kind of news should be told if not in person, then at least personally, individually to those who are close to the loss

    But we need every outlet possible for our anguish, and who is anyone to judge how a greiving person expresses that

    I don't know many people on here personally, but it was reassuring to find this thread.

    I have been in hospital for 4 days watching the rapid decline of the person closest in the world to me.

    Sending strength and love to all greiving people who might read this.

  • Im so sorry @William.

    Sending strength and love to you too. Im sure your presence at this time will be so important to them.

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Grief and loss

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