Wanted: 120mm dummy axle

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  • I’ve bought myself a jig and it’s came with a 135mm dummy axle but I need a 120mm one.

    Given that buying the jig has pretty much cleaned me out I thought I might as well ask here before either making one or shelling out the near £50 that The Bicycle Academy want for one with postage.

    It’s a Bicycle Academy jig so I think it’s like the Anvil standard or something. Let me know what you have and I can measure up to check it’ll fit.


  • Why did you decide to buy an bicycle academy jig after you have already made one yourself?

    Planning to make my own jig soon. Is it not worth it?

  • Building your own jig is great for the first few but IMO you cant really build a decent jig without having built frames before. So bit of a catch22 there. I built a jig but because i built it with minimal understanding of the process, the usability was fundamentally limited.

    Also in order to build a decent jig really you need access to (and skill using) a (large ish) lathe and mill.

  • That makes sense. Seen so many different types of diy jig, a little unsure which to copy. I guess the only way is to have a go and make improvements when they become apparent.

    Any advice on what you would do differently?

  • yeah, tho i wouldnt discourage building a jig, its a good way to get going and i built 4 on my diy jig before changing.

    I listed the shortcomings of my jig here


  • i think the most easily copied is the arctos style, which is what mine was
    photos here

  • Why did you decide to buy an bicycle academy jig after you have already made one yourself?

    Probably easiest answered with a couple images...

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  • Sweet thanks. Going to get cracking with this free time I've got coming up.

  • Haha yea fair. Looks great!

  • The jig I built myself was too flimsy. I'm building a frame just now and I've had to cut it up and start over twice, once because the head and seat tubes were out of phase and then because I realised the downtube wasn't square with the bb shell.

    Silly mistakes that I think were made at least in part due to trusting my homemade jig.

    I've been keeping my eye on what's out there and when this popped up fairly close by it was too good an opportunity to miss.

    My advice if you decide to build your own would be to not try and really cheap out on it like I did. Use something a good bit bigger than 20 series extrusion.

  • Sounds frustrating. I will take heed and get something beefy.

  • It's actually worked out for the better, I'm going to make it kinda bilaminate at the headtube junction so it'll be a more interesting frame than it would have been.

  • Good to hear you have turned it into a positive. Excited to see it.

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Wanted: 120mm dummy axle

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