Science, Statistics and Studies [SARS-CoV-2]

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  • Looking purely at that paper’s methodology - by meta-analysing each hospital’s odds ratio for a time effect, they all end up equally weighted. Surely higher volume centres should count for more. They also report a significant date of admission x mortality effect for Nottingham, but looking at the numbers they had a pretty consistent 25-30% mortality when there were 100-200 admissions, and then it jumps all over the place when the numbers are smaller.

    It’s possible that temperature has an effect, but I’d be interested to see some analysis of air quality in these cities over the course of the pandemic as lockdowns take effect, and some kind of measure of “overwhelmedness” eg analysis of total daily hospital admissions vs normal number of beds & covid mortality.

    I don’t think it’s totally implausible that treatment did massively improve. Difficult to overstate how quickly the understanding of the disease changed - even from March to April the way we were treating the patients changed significantly.

  • The Sarah Gilbert interview on 'The Life Scientific' (R4, Sounds) is really worth listening to for a balanced, informed discussion of the outlook for a successful vaccine.

  • Is anyone still watching the UK daily stats? I’m still giving them a basic check each day just through the Google reporting which seems relate back to the .gov data. Deaths seem to have settled around the just-under 1% mark and there are maybe signs that we’ve reached the peak of the current outbreak. Obviously this is full of holes and lacks any kind of regional or demographic breakdown, so it doesn’t really tell you much about your area or peer group without a bit more digging.

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  • It's definitely rising, I think you have to look at your area now more than the national picture.
    There are delays with the data, obvs we've seen that.
    I am concerned. I am concerned because the numbers are rising (and I know testing (fwiw) is increasing - so more cases will be found). I'm concerned because the number of deaths appears to be increasing slowly as well. Yes. I know people die. But.

  • One potential positive is that covid triages have been falling in the last few days. Previously this has indicated an upcoming reduction in admissions and deaths. Fingers crossed this is what it means this time.

    If the recent spike has been in young people I'd like to understand how many younguns use 111 which is what I think the triage number is based on.


    The triage number is ~4000 but the cases are ~ 4000.

  • I forgot to ask in my earlier post. See how the deaths curve suddenly smooths out around the second week of August. There was a change in the way the deaths were reported:­lth-england-death-data-revised/

    Just posting that in case anyone else missed it.

  • [7000 cases becomes 20,000 cases over the weekend]

    and there are maybe signs that we’ve reached the peak of the current outbreak.

    Oh, did I really say that out loud? That was a fucking silly thing to do.

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Science, Statistics and Studies [SARS-CoV-2]

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