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  • Grassroots community groups are offering support (despite / in response to poor government guidance), such as

    Bikeworks is planning to redeploy its ride side by side project to deliver stuff to vulnerable isolated people.

    Any ideas welcome. Things that would be useful to know:

    How to locate people that need help How do we let people know about this offer
    What other orgs offer local support
    Which companies would donate supplies for distribution

    Other ideas welcome

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  • I have drafted a flyer for our local community. I think it would be good to have a neighbourhood 'watch' with people who can help as well as needing help. There has been some people knocking on doors and taking advantage, and perhaps that will get worse as the pinch is felt.

    Here's the flyer

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  • Not community support but this popped up on my twitter and I thought it was kinda cool. Free meditation app use for medical workers...­38496426272919559

  • A nice idea maybe if you have elderly neighbours I’m going to drop a couple through doors near me

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  • We are doing those in Streatham, I'm in a huge whatsapp of 100+ people that's split from about 500+ people in the area all ready to take a street each. We seem to have added dog walking to the list so dogs can get out rather than be stuck with owner for 14 days and childcare so those out lugging stuff about can have support if needed.

    I've already agreed to take the cargo bike from work and move some bits and as work are local they are all on board so it's great.

  • I run an event catering business in central London.

    The coronavirus outbreak has effectively closed down our commercial business.

    We would be more than happy to use our kitchens / staff / resources to prepare meals for vulnerable groups while this shit goes down.

    I should stress financially we can't pay for food / consumables but we do have a very useful production resource.

    If anyone has any involvement with charities or organisations that we may be able to help, please contact me by PM.


  • Thanks. This may be useful. Cooked food will be an issue for people.

    We're working on supplies delivery for vulnerable people. It was pointed out that delivering pasta may not be enough for people who need cooked food.

  • Bikeworks is working on the cycle delivery service planned to lauch on Marh 30th in East and West Boroughs. Here's the draft flyer we're working on.
    We now need to source free food and network with loczal community groups.

    Any thoughts welcome

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  • I’m in a small WhatsApp community group set up for covid support on our estate in Camberwell. I know there are a few Camberwell people in here. Today the foodbank at st Giles church is open 10-1. They need milk so if you are in the area please pick up an extra pint and take it over. Equally, if you need food, please go.

  • Where is your kitchen? I have a cargo bike and can ride central; collect; drop in SE London on the way home in the mornings.

  • Hi,

    Kitchen is in Whitechapel. At the moment we haven't succeeded in setting much up, apart from giving a bit of help to the Whitechapel Mission. Still trying though.

    Not helped by the fact that Tower Hamlets council haven't bothered with any waste collections for the past couple of weeks!

  • People can register with the Red Cross reserves here:

  • It would be worth talking to your local council, if you can.

  • Been trying. But Tower Hamlets....

  • But Tower Hamlets....

    Bikeworks is setting up a food / medicine distribution network in Tower Hamlets (as well as West London) by Cargo and other cycles
    We're linking to food banks and other sources.
    If you think you can feed into this PM me

  • @Jingle_Jangle maybe Too Good To Go app might also work?

    I am a regular user, its great.


    We're developing the logistics for Cargo Cycle delivery to vulnerable isolated people working with local community groups. (See above)

    We will be training the riders next week to include measures to take to minimise infection obviously.

    Planning to ensure the following guidelines for our rider team:

    1. If you have any symptoms stay at home and inform control
    2. Wear gloves. (Not issuing masks though if people wish to wear them then up to them)
    3. Wipe the cycle down with antiseptic stuff we're supplying at start and end of shift and if any likelihood that anyone else touches the cycle
    4. Remain 2m away from anyone else at the pick up point (Food-banks/Grocers)
    5. Drop stuff outside people's doors, step away and call them. Wait till they have picked up goods

    Please let me know if you think I can improve this guidance.

  • The wear gloves bit.
    By the end of the day, unless you are suggesting your riders wear rubberised palm/finger gloves,
    (see toolstation page 261 for examples), that could be wiped down between drop-offs with 'antiseptic stuff',
    normal/cycling gloves have the possibility of being breeding grounds for who knows what.
    Less environmentally aware option is disposable glove over cycling glove for each drop-off.
    Hope it goes well for you and your clients.

  • Thanks G :)
    (Hold the chutney)

  • Gloves are a red herring. Most evidence from the food industry suggests that people wearing gloves wash their hands less frequently than those without.

    Rather than insist on gloves, insist on hand washing or alcohol/sanitizer at regular intervals. Gloves might be worn as a result of that, but gloves (latex or otherwise) can still be "dirtier" than skin.

  • Tell your 'external contractors' to join the union as they could be members of both the cycle instructors branch and couriers branch.

    As an employer(a contested word I know) I'd be very careful around not issuing masks as they could be considered essential PPE given the circumstances and that method of working takes into account clear understanding and exposure to risk of infection especially as the service is aimed to send them door to door of sick people. As an employer you have a duty to staff and should be looking to keep them safe, providing PPE and other resources as needed to keep staff safe or cancelling unsafe activity is part of this.

  • Might need to add lending stacks of books to neighbours who can't get out. Lambeth library staff have walked out as PPE wasn't being provided. Expecting a proper news link soon but it's on facebook/twitter already.­58679553

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Community support

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