Chain slipping

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  • Hey guys. I had a 2x7 road bike and I decided to upgrade it since I use it every day. I bought new wheels and a complete second hand 2x10 tiagra groupset. The components were in good condition, the only thing was missing is the chain. So I put a new one on, but it wasn't seem to be working, it was slipping a lot. My colleague told me to change the cassette because its too worn. So I bought a brand new tiagra cassette that matches the groupset. So it's basically a brand new cassette and chain. Well, that didn't solve the problem. The chain is still slipping even though they are not used. The small ring on the front is a bit bent so I thought it must be that, but no because it's doing the same with the top ring as well. It's slipping even if I don't put pressure on the chain just using the bike normally. What could cause the problem?

  • Mixing worn and new components is a recipe for problems

  • Worn jockey/pulley wheels in the rear derailleur?

  • I’d assume shouldn’t cause slipping as they are not in great tension

    Could be bent mech hanger, alignment isn’t so critical with 7spd but has now upgraded to 10

  • Suppose. I've had mechs with bearing pulley wheels rather than bushings and once the bearings are shot, the top wheel wobbles all over and can cause things to go to shit though.

  • Now that you're saying, could be a problem. They do kinda look worn.

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  • They don't have massive teeth even when new to be fair

  • They’re fine

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  • Definitely a ten speed chain? Slips in all gears?

  • Yes. I've tried 2 chains and the same issue. It is a 10 speed chain. And yes it slips in all gears.

  • Can you tell if it's slipping at the front or the back? Chainrings could be worn down - you said they were bent so they might be worn out as well. If everything else is new that's most likely?

  • The sound is coming from the cassette, that's why I'm assuming it's on that side. Let me take some pics from the crank quickly.

  • It's slipping on both rings

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  • Ah yep - the big one certainly is worn and will definitely be the cause of some of the slippage. Small one isn't as much but as everything else in the drivetrain is new or nearly new it would make sense to change that as well.

    The sound from the cassette could be misalignment of the derailleur or something, but with a new chain and new cassette it shouldn't be slipping there...

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Chain slipping

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