• So you went for a lite ale...
    Charlie Brooker had a few very funny sketches. Philomena Cnuck a highlight

  • Yeah, 11.5 is a decent session ale.

    You know Brooker lives in Ealing, his wife's sister is the MP for Ealing. I mean, all the greats do...

    Cunk's own/other show was on afterwards too.

  • I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons with my brother and some pals about once a week. It's not something I ever thought I'd be in to but it's great fun. The experience is definitely enhanced by the fact that we're all usually pretty steaming after a couple of hours and none of us take it too seriously. My girlfriend isn't too impressed by the occasional pig noises emanating from the spare room though.

  • Some beautiful racing on Race Mountain...

  • That track is great.

  • I was in a big toy shop yesterday picking up enamel paint, I spent about half an hour in the Hot Wheels section... Once our garage is built and I get a little more space I'm either gonna build a track or start making custom cars...

    Or both... 😂

  • Civ 6 currently free on epic games, what better way to pass the time

  • Radio 2 doing Popmaster all day every hour on the half hour; typically awful but I am 2/2 on the 3 in 10

  • For any fans of I'm Sorry I Havent A Clue, there's a nice tribute to Tim Brooke-Taylor on BBC Sounds at the moment. Tim died from covid-19.

    47 Years Without A Clue: A Tribute to Tim Brooke-Taylor.

  • I've got into the habit of buying myself a car if I get one for the boy 😆 Recently picked up a lovely Gulf GT40 and an Ecto 1

  • Not sure where to post this,
    There was a link to free downloads for a selection of
    Rouleur magazines,but now I can't find it ,
    Anyone point me to it,or was it all a dream?

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