What do you need? (If you are impacted by the virus)

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  • It's going to be a rough ride, if a total lock-down comes then people will find it hard to pay their bills, hold their employment, get basics to survive.

    We're rather uniquely placed being an online community of cyclists, we can work together and organise online without needing real-world contact, and if there isn't a total lock-down by transport is impacted then we have transport that works even when public transport is down and roads are closed.

    I have no idea what needs may emerge, but we as a community can support others in the community.

  • The fact we need this is fucking horrible but I'm glad we've got this place for these reasons.

  • rep

  • I concur, we do need rep

  • You'll need the lfgss book to keep you occupied too.

  • This was my contribution to the LFGSS book. Just to allow you a sneak preview in case you are struggling with boredom.

    I think Corny rejected it.

  • As people might have more time on their hands would this be a good place to ask about summer caps?

  • Think they’ll be 3d printed by bored forumongers

  • Following. Happy to run errands or whatever is needed.

  • They say Corona virus is Airborne does it mean we need to wear a face mask when riding?

  • It doesn't survive for long outside of the body, you'll be fine but feel free if it makes you feel better.

  • I hate wearing a mask when riding its not a nice feeling .thanks for the advice.

  • I’m just gonna say it here. I am fucking really scared right now.

  • Can survive 12 hrs in the air and up to 3 days on surfaces depending on conditions apparently. I think masks fall down because you can still contaminate them and transfer or breathe in through gaps if they don't fit properly though.

  • Working for a clinical lab, have been keeping an eye out for information on transmission routes and risks to protect our workforce, limited information to date but there is research (yet to be published in peer reviewed journal) which supports the 3 day potential infection risk of inert surfaces such as stainless steel. I found the Seattle times article referencing the research fairly reassuring of the relatively low risk of transmission outside of the direct person to person transmission risks which are well understood. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-worl­d/coronavirus-can-stay-infectious-for-da­ys-on-surfaces/

  • Wrong thread apologies, in central atm, if anyone needs anything give me a shout and i can accommodate your needs as best as i can.

  • My partner and baby are landing at Heathrow on 20th evening, it was a ball ache to find an airline that is still flying out of India, eventually ended up having to buy a business class ticket.

    I need a car to collect them, none of the rental companies or apps like Turo, Zipcar etc will let me hire one as my license is less than a year old (I could already drive just didnt have a UK license, passed with two minors). I need to borrow a car in SE London for 20th afternoon - late evening. I can sort a one day insurance, does anyone have one that they can lend me? Hugely appreciated !

  • If stuck, I can Zipcar you there and back

  • oh amazing, I will tap you if it comes to that!

  • If you get really stuck mini cab firms usually have baby seats if you book a cab to pick them up and you could tube it there to meet them?

  • Close friend has all symptoms and is in full self-isolation in Richmond / Wimbledon border, is someone nearby able to drop off essential supplies if needed? This would be a "drop at doorway" thing. I'm trying to establish if they need anything.

  • for reference I'm up by Dollis Hill and working from home if anyone needs any help in the area.

  • I’m at Bethnal Green.

    Also up for delivering goods around the area if anyone need?

  • I could do so tomorrow subject to being able to get hold of that essential thing!

    (i`m in Tooting so perfectly manageable cycle away)

  • Thanks :) She has not shared that she needs anything so far. Despite my asking. She's fully self-isolating.

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What do you need? (If you are impacted by the virus)

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