• . Nevermind.

  • Based on the genomic diversity of cov-19, it is nearly impossible for anyone to have acquired this without visiting ground zero (wuhan) before at least mid Jan in the UK: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ar­ticle/pii/S1567134820301829

    'There were Chinese people in a nearby flat' or 'chinese at my workplace' in Nov/Dec as evidence is, quite frankly, nonsense.

  • Can't imagine it could be anything else.

    Am I missing the point?

  • Last time I went for a heart check up I rode Ldn > Papworth, Cambridge. My test results came out very strangely and my consultant just rolled her eyes and told me I must be fine.

    ps hey pal, long time

  • I'm a bit stupid today, not sure what you mean.

    What I was trying to say was that it didn't seem likely that I'd suddenly developed some other condition that would give me shortness of breath. According to the NHS I am "unlikely" to have coronavirus though due to lack of "continuous" cough/fever. And they won't test me.

    I'm staying in for the next week anyway.

  • It's hard to read tone online and wasn't sure what you meant either!
    With mild symptoms, it could be lots of things other than Covid-19? It could also possibly be that, so staying in is quite sensible, but it's not like other bugs have gone away.

  • Hi all,

    Now wfh I have started lurking around the forum again and I found this thread quite helpful when I got ill last month. Thought i'd throw in my experience for reference.

    I am 6 years post heart transplant, so in the extremely vulnerable group, and have been fully isolating since 18 March other than an hour walk at 6am on land I manage. Having said that I have a physical job, ride my bullet over 2 cotswold valleys each day to work with the dog on board, train 4 nights a week, and am back to racing bikes.

    I got weird unexplained blisters over easter weekend. Following 2 weeks i got a strange rash, my lungs started to not be as efficient, DOM's and training indoors became tough. Did routine FTP test, failed hard, next morning I was in bed for 4 days. Subsequent week was pretty shit. Took just over 2 weeks of nothing - literally netflix and bed before I felt well enough to even do a super gentle dog walk. 3 weeks later and I'm doing OK now. Back to training but easing in slow. I lost 2.5kg of muscle in the time I was ill - i'm on immune suppression and getting properly ill is irregular but always results in muscle loss, but normally this much.

    Take away points having spoken to GP, 111, transplant team, and the guy running the local CV ward: Testing is really unreliable and one of the best thing to do is keep an eye on your oxygen saturation levels. I use an oxymeter because i check my states daily but you can get them as phone apps now too. Basis is that CV pneumonia is death of cells in the lungs so if you've got a bad cough (which counts as mild symptoms) you can gauge when your lungs start to actually deteriorate and act. This article explains it better than me: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/20/opini­on/sunday/coronavirus-testing-pneumonia.­html

    Anyway, I found the thread useful when I was trying to work out if I did have it an trying to work out how long it might last so thought I'd add to the story.

    In the end a friend of ours who had been doing our shopping for us got quite ill with it and she delivered during the time she was contagious but not symptomatic so we expect we probably didn't clean something well enough. I was never tested in the end as I didn't meet criteria and all medical professionals thought it wasn't worth running the risk of getting it from a test centre if I didn't have it, so we'll never know. I was lucky, hope everyone else who gets it is too.


  • Docs told me that there's currently 5 strains of CV doing the rounds and it's only CV-19 people are talking about. The others are nasty just not as nasty... don't help but you but I was in same position. They said treat yourself as if you do, go very gently and rest.

  • Ha, I just checked and indeed it's wasn't self administered on the programme I thought it was (https://www.channel4.com/programmes/when­-will-lockdown-end/on-demand/71437-001 about 32 minutes in). Funny how memories work.

    (He did get told to wind the windows up whilst he blew his nose.)

  • Well I looked up shortness of breath online, looks like I'm done for!

    I think I'll just hold out for another week and hope it goes away. The cough and fever only presents in approx. 60% of cases or something as far as I've read

  • Never look anything up online...

  • Great to hear from you, A, and good that it wasn't worse.

  • Against my better judgement I was pestered into going for a test at the insistence of my family. Shedloads of spare capacity by the looks of it, I only saw a few other people.

    @Velocio not a chance you'd get through on a bike. It seems to be done with the cars to keep the staff safe, as they need to scan QR codes and so on and approach the car to do it.

  • With @Turd_Fergurson back, all we need is @ asm (forgot new username) back and it will be just like old times.
    Really good to hear from you A, impressive recovery indeed.

  • Ah, my list of OGs I'd love to have around again is so much longer.

    And, without wanting to state the obvious, it'll never be the same without Paul, Steff, Josh, Dwayne, Wayne, and Andy.

  • Cheers bud, it's good to be back and lurking

  • What you need an aerospoke? I miss ASM.

  • Last 10 or so days my resting heart rate has dropped from the low 60s to the mid 50s and on one whole day the high 40s, all taken with 2 machines simultaneously. My personal best HR was 52 at my fittest, which I’m definitely not these days. Also have had this weird feeling of fatigue in my torso, like my arms and shoulders are powerless and drained. Anyone with Covid get similar issues?

    My blood oxygen level seems normal enough, except that one day with low HR that it dropped to 92-95 throughout the day. Got an ECG a couple of days ago and all came back normal, with a resting HR of 73 (to my surprise). GP basically fobbed me off after the ECG, but I’m still getting fatigue and low HR every other day or so.

  • Well, I had a test and sent it back Friday. They said 48 hours for a response, but nothing yet?

  • 48 working hours probably.

  • Must be. The guidance book just says 2 days, so hopefully I'll hear today then

  • I think they work 24/7 though. We went to a test centre on a Sunday morning and had the result the following Monday by 8AM. The delays must be because of the mail. A friend and his housemate had done a home test, sent it back together and the housemate got his result back a couple of days later. My friend had to wait a lot longer to get his result somehow (apparently due to an admin fault on his behalf)

  • 10 months since losing my smell... Still not back fully. Sweet smells seem fine, but ammonia is near undetectable (as proven when Mrs Y shoved an old re-usable nappy in my face after finding it misplaced in the airing cupboard)
    And a lot of things smell like chicken... Like diesel fumes and... other random things that shouldn't.

  • I’ve booked a haircut for 23rd of March, chances it’ll go ahead...?

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I think I/we might have Coronavirus thread (release your isolation-frustration here)

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