• How will they be released and where?

  • Yes, please post a link, I’m interested too

  • My Mrs had it I think proper on her arse for 3 days you could have cooked eggs on her then just got up bright as a button.....me I think she passed it on I had fever and thighs that felt like I'd done 5 tour stages then aches all over that felt like I'd been dragged over cobbles....and then the shits...not just any old shits ...not marks and spencer shits these could only be described as the kind of shits that a black hole has on the other side

    You know the matter has gone in and it gets squeezed into a singularity ...the other side of that could only be described as my anus as the other side..a small big bang if you will but with doubled over wrenching

    I mocked the big roll borders but am thankfull we had taken advantage of the Costco 2 for one offer a few weeks ago

    Dunno if it was CV but

  • Dunno if it was CV

    That's the thing. At this point in time, everyone thinks anything is 'rona. Shit, last week I did a fuckload of pushups and was literally mocking myself for briefly thinking "shit, chest pains!"... immediately followed by "uhnaaah pushups, dumb fuck". It's just human nature to jump onto worst case scenario initially.

  • I would hazard a guess, the increased level of home cooking and/or slightly above average beer drinking is causing higher levels of toilet abuse of late.

  • Exactly

    you get short of breath walking up stairs

    That funny niggly pain in your kidney

    Spraying lynx in your own face to make sure you can still smell

    Anyone coughs ...you ask was it phlegmy

    Way to go paranoia machine

  • One other question do these tests actually test for covid 19 was reading that we all have coronavirus antibodies and if a generic test is used then bingo you probably have it or some sign of some of the previous 5 strains

  • There's some cross-reactivity with other corona strains with some of the tests currently being evaluated. Which is why they're not in full use yet (at least not here in Sweden). We'll be collecting samples from known cases with mild symptoms during the following days/weeks as they're unsure of how to interpret the results from samples from ICU patients who are super sick. The lack of known cut off values for antibody levels is a problem. When is it safe to say a person is immune?

  • They were sent out yesterday under embargo which is why I couldn't post them:

    Among the ones who had coronavirus infection confirmed by a positive test, three-fifths (59%) reported loss of smell or taste.

  • Thanks, I wasn't asking you to divulge anything as I thought that might be the case. Just couldn't see anything when I searched online today.


  • Yes, but still not enough evidence that anosmia/hyposmia is a reliable signal that people should start to quarantine. There's no info about the symptom timeline. I hope King's are able to pull some useful info out of the data they have.

  • I don't agree that people shouldn't quarantine if they lose their sense of smell/taste.

    In the absence of widespread testing any decision to self-isolate is made with the knowledge that it may well not be COVID-19, but it could be.

    OK, this study is based on self-reporting. But as 59% who said they were COVID-19 positive reported loss of smell and taste, and these results were much stronger in predicting a positive COVID-19 diagnosis than self-reported fever, the only sensible thing to do if you do have anosmia/hyposmia is to self-isolate, surely?

  • Ah, that has a bit more detail, but still doesn't show any timeline considerations.

    The biggest question I'd like to see answered is whether those with anosmia/hyposmia symptoms (and no other symptoms that would trigger quarantine anyway) test positive AND are still at the stage where they can pass on the disease, or whether it is symptomatic of post-viral recovery (or just post-viral from a different virus).

    (Answering that would require testing people who only present with anosmia/hyposmia multiple times, and that's not going to be a priority in times of limited tests.)

    I'll gladly accept it if there's proof but correlation does not imply causation.

  • My partner had 3 days of fever, up to 38.5. but he has asthma and a more sensitive throat, he'd had some proper infections a few years back that needed antibiotics. He had to take his reliever inhaler too, definitely kicked off his asthma.

    I ended up with the same symptoms (sore throat / stuffed ears / 3 trees gone in used up tissues / can't smell or taste, little appetite, feeling physically weak) 3 days after him, but no fever.

    Felt pretty lousy for 5 days, brain fog, having to sleep a lot...

    I rather have had it over and done with, but that must just have been a cold, right? One that definitely wants to up its game, normally I shift them in 3-5 days, this one took 9.

    (we did quarantine just in case it was covid)

  • Loss of taste could also be blamed on the increase in home cooking...

  • IANAD, but if you felt lousy for five days, were having to sleep a lot, and it took you nine days to shift... surely nobody would call that a cold?!

    N.b. anecdotally having to sleep a lot is something people who've had it have reported quite often.

  • Oi, my homebaked bread isn't THAT bad :p

    Try to make some Dutch snert, it is mostly sausage/peas, even if you taste nothing it is good.

  • Loss of taste could also be blamed on the increase in home cooking...

    Ha, I do most of the cooking anyway[1] and it was my own chilli con carne that I couldn't really taste (that my wife and daughter could) which sparked the whole anosmia thing for me.

    1. I worked in catering throughout poor student times - I understand the physics of cooking but have little of the art - given a recipe I can follow it and adjust it for the vagaries of my oven/grill/hobs/etc but given me a random bunch of ingredients and you'll most likely get some form of a stir-fry.
  • No fever at all though...that is the weird thing.

    And a flu is supposed to be so bad you aren't leaving the bed at all. I don't know... can't wait for those tests, once they are accurate enough of course.

    On the upside, with all the distancing/quarantine I guess we all should at least enter a phase of "nearly nobody gets colds/flu"?

  • Probably just a shitty cold that's caught you when you are run down.

  • I don't agree that people shouldn't quarantine if they lose their sense of smell/taste.

    Even if that's the only symptom? Not even King's are suggesting that:-


    The King's researchers say loss of smell and taste might be useful extra symptoms to watch for, perhaps not on their own but alongside other important ones like cough and fever.

    Lead researcher Prof Tim Spector said: "When combined with other symptoms, people with loss of smell and taste appear to be three times more likely to have contracted Covid-19 according to our data, and should therefore self-isolate for seven days to reduce the spread of the disease."

    If you should quarantine if you have cough/fever anyway then anosmia/hyposmia is irrelevant as it doesn't change the decision and no-one (Kings, ENT UK, WHO, PHE) suggest quarantining yourself if anosmia/hyposmia is your only symptom. "Experts say there's not enough evidence yet."

    I can see why journo's would like it, it makes a good headline/soundbite, but there doesn't seem to be anything to back it up.

  • On the upside, with all the distancing/quarantine I guess we all should at least enter a phase of "nearly nobody gets colds/flu"?

    Randall Munroe (he of xkcd fame) covers something similar in his What if? book where he attempts to answer the question of whether the common cold could be eradicated if everyone isolated themselves for a couple of weeks (or similar).

    Funnily enough he does mention that it would probably cause a serious collapse of the global economy so it was unlikely ever to happen. I don't think he foresaw it ever being forced upon us.

    If it can't be found online I'll take some photos (it's only a few pages) and upload it later. Have do a home-schooling ICT class now...

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