• I’ve had similar for over a week also had a little cough and slight weird feeling breathing but I put the headaches down to new brand of contacts and the rest as psychosomatic. Without tests who knows 🤷🏻♂️

  • Similar for me but I reckon it's my hayfever and allergies kicking in.

  • It's reassuring that it is coming back at least!

  • +1 no sense of smell. I had a tight chest about a week ago (when the army/ giant lasagna rumours were going around). When can I go outside please?

  • I should clarify; something sugary like a sugar in tea or sweet snack. Same practice as how a can of coca cola gets me an extra 10 miles when flagging at the end of a long ride :)

  • https://www.fifthsense.org.uk/post-viral­-olfactory-loss/

    one study published in 2014 found that over 80% of participants experienced subjective improvement in olfactory ability one year after initial loss

  • Start of the week I thought my allergies were kicking in now that the sun had started shining, not so much now. Been in bed pretty much since Tuesday afternoon (occasionally I’ve garaged myself to spare room for a change of scene). Most annoying symptom is I think, the bad case of stupid I seem to have got - mis-typing all over the place, wrong words all sorts of nonsense. Then yeah, loss of taste, massive fatigue, gastric issues and an intense need for absolute silence (bit difficult with 2 locked-down kids in the house....). Thought I was a bit better this morning, by lunch I was zonked out on the bed again. Rollercoaster aspect is a bit on the draining side...

  • Garaged myself being a case in point there - dragged ffs

  • Think garage describes it pretty well :)

    Sounds like your going through the grinder as well. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Yeah I like garaged as well.

  • Another vote for garaged, it fitted perfectly.

  • @russmeyer You've been tested haven't you? Mind if I ask how and why you got tested? Did you go skiing in italy?

  • I developed symptoms and therefore the hospital I work at tested me. I was in France for a work thing the week before that. Judging by which of my colleagues got it and not, I'm guessing I caught it on the way back. We didn't all go on the same flight and the guy I flew with also caught it.

  • I had some gradually increasing shortness of breath and aching in my chest with a hangover-style headache starting last Thursday but no fever or cough. It got to an actual scary level at the start of the week when it felt there was a load of bricks sitting on my chest when I was trying to sleep, but was gradually improving. Now I have what feels like constant heartburn plus nausea which I never normally get, which is extremely annoying and is again preventing me from sleeping properly. I didn't think it was Covid-19 at first but my brother and his partner have said they're having very similar symptoms (no reflux type pain though) so it's not clear; I did my isolation anyway to be safe but still feel like shit.

  • Seems to many different symptoms experienced by people on here that could be Covid-19

    This is from Webmd:

    The most common symptoms and the percentage of people who have them include:
    Fever: 88%
    Dry cough: 68%
    Fatigue: 38%
    Coughing up sputum, or thick phlegm, from the lungs: 33%
    Shortness of breath: 19%
    Bone or joint pain: 15%
    Sore throat: 14%
    Headache: 14%
    Chills: 11%
    Nausea or vomiting: 5%
    Stuffy nose: 5%
    Diarrhea: 4%
    Coughing up blood: 1%
    Swollen eyes: 1%

    This doesn't mention the loss of smell.

  • Do people trust this as a source? It;s a good clear way of laying out symptom info, and made me think its less likely I have covid.

  • I mean, it's a nightmare to read, for a start, and it's vague in a way that doesn't seem particularly helpful.
    Also, considering that asymptomatic rates could be anywhere from 15-50%, I think people shouldn't be trying to figure out if they have Covid, the flu or a cold, but instead taking the more reasonable step of isolating if there is any possibility they have Covid.

    Edit: the more I read that chart, the more it annoys me. Why use so many different phrases to describe frequency or severity?! Makes comparison impossible.

  • Agree. Had one of those charts sent to me from a friend as an argument he had the regular flu. I can’t draw any conclusion whatsoever from it.

  • Oh my; I though it was a slightly ironic, self deprecating, dark humoured piss-take!

  • Day 15.
    I've not taken any paracetamol or aspirin for a couple of days now. My energy levels are pretty good. Still phlegmy in the morning. No issue sleeping (or snoring).
    I was still wheezy a few days ago but that's stopped as well.
    I think whatever I had is now well behind me hopefully.
    I have drinking as much hot lemon juice with ginger and honey as I could this week and it has definitely helped.

  • Those others who’ve had it - has it been rollercoaster ish for you as well? I woke up at half seven this morning feeling pretty decent. Came downstairs, fed cats and children, loaded dishwasher. Half an hour later I’m back in bed, totally wiped. Have spent the rest of the day playing civ6 or reading, can’t face anything else.

    And I’m on day 6 of persistent gastric issues which is no fun at all.

  • Yeah I’m totally up and down. This will be day 7 since I first started showing any symptoms. Cough is still pretty persistent but fever / exhaustion/ aches had pretty much subsided by yesterday morning. By the afternoon I felt worse than ever, full body aches, barely enough energy to grab a glass of water, fever returned along with a killer headache. Managed a good nights sleep and feel much better again this morning. Will see how long it lasts...

    Sense of taste and smell still missing, had minor glimmer of taste return on Friday lunchtime but it was short lived.

  • have we made a list yet ?

  • who's had it ?

  • And then extrapolate to total number of members to get some figures on actual spread of the virus. Make some plots and unfounded assumptions and then write a medium.com article.

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I think I/we might have Coronavirus thread (release your isolation-frustration here)

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