• Can't work from home in my line of work. Was supposed to be starting a 7 months course on Monday. So I've been sitting around not doing much. Spent yesterday painting off a ladder and it knocked me for 6. Have tried and failed to read textbooks - just can't think straight.

  • This is one of the stressful things though - the mild symptoms have you second guessing yourself. On one hand you feel like you're making too much of a big deal about something that doesn't feel very serious, but on the other if you don't act appropriately your negligence could literally cost lives. It's precisely why there's a lockdown - it's very hard to judge who is ill and who isn't.

  • I suddenly started having mild shortness of breath this afternoon. I don’t have any other symptoms so I’m waiting to see what develops.

  • yeah other symptoms coming and going - much less achey today. Just hope my sense of taste comes back soon, isolation without food to enjoy will be pretty grim :/

  • hamstrings

    I had this in January and again 2 weeks ago. Annoyingly sore day after day for no apparent reason.

    Couple of coughs and general tiredness today otherwise all ok so far.

  • So much this.

  • Hope all ok.

  • Being utterly bored with all this I tried having a beer with my dinner. Tasted shit and gave me a headache. Bah.

  • Lets not ignore the real tragedy here: I've just got a recurring cold I think but I can't get any sympathy because of this bloody Covid-19 going round.

  • Also there's no right answer. Although there kind of is - any doubt self isolate.
    But obviously the stress of this is gonna make people feel shit regardless of how long they self isolate.

  • Absolutely - definitely isolate in any case, but even isolating with mild symptoms can lead to anxiety or self doubt that you're somehow overreacting. Maybe it's a British thing about how we hate to make a fuss.

  • Bit of back ache that i never get bit of leg cramp probable lack of miles and sweet smelling wee .? Am i pregnant

  • Yes. Congratulations.

  • Very weird new symptom today - struggling to type. It's like I can't quite coordinate my fingers and brain and my hands feel strange. Anyone else had this?

    Writing posts without typos in is hard.

  • Are you eating regular? I get some of that brain fuzz when I haven't eaten, bit of sugar works a treat. Stay safe.

  • How quickly did people find symptoms came on?

    Have had weird and not pleasant feeling in lungs since yesterday afternoon but no cough / other symptoms.

  • Feeling absolutely wiped out again. Might just get on the beers.

  • Tried another beer today but they still taste acidy and a bit rank.

    I’m also completely spent in the evenings. Felt ok most of today but fell asleep at 7pm...

  • I tried a supposedly fruity IPA, tasted like bitter water. But later I tried some sour fizzy candy which gave off a hint of what they probably taste like, and I was able to pick up the smell of an apparently horrid 'satsuma' shower gel. I thought it smelled very refined and classy but according to my daughter it reeks of citrus-y toilet cleaner. I read that smell training is important in recovering from postviral anosmia so will carry on experimenting.

  • Yeah, I've never lost my appetite. And that happened most of the day. If it happens tomorrow I'll try sugar though!

  • My dad (ex doc) did point out that it’s pretty normal to be absolutely knackered after having a virus, and that if you try and do too much too soon, it’ll set you back.
    Quite reassuring to hear, easy to think you’re simply relapsing back into illness when your body just takes a bit of time to get back to normal.

  • Read a similar thing today, and esp after CV19. There's reports of people feeling knackered for weeks afterward.

    My back is fucked from lack of exercise. Pondering a 15 minute slow walk today but frankly it's a bit daunting.

  • I'm 8 days into the symptoms. Aches seem to have gone and I'm not sensitive to cold surfaces anymore. My hamstrings/hips are still sore to the point I can't sleep without stretching every couple of hours and taking paracetamol. Waking up every morning with a hangover despite not drinking is fun though.

  • Hello to all the other people having mild symptoms of fatigue. It's frustrating not knowing if you are doing the right thing, and are unable to be tested.

    I have had a slight sore throat and mild fatigue for over a week. More sensitive than usual to solvent and smoke fumes. Occasional headaches, some joint stiffness. Cycled alone to my workshop a week ago and got shivers / light headedness so decided to stay home until it passes. Most of the time I don't feel any different than usual, and because I'm not exercising as usual I feel wierd anyway.

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I think I/we might have Coronavirus thread (release your isolation-frustration here)

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