• I can. Look at the %'s

    Also begs the question, what's with the run (sorry) on toilet paper given gastro symptoms aren't really a feature?

  • Just read a post on the BBC Q&a that suggests that a high level of asymptomatic infections is a good thing in that it will expedite the development of immunity. Didn't provide any backing for this claim but hopefully it's true.

  • Sounds reasonable except perhaps the asymptomatic carriers won't think they're a danger to the elderly/vulnerable.

  • It's psychological, what people worry more about than anything is loss of dignity (not being able to wipe your bum bum but I'm not sure what's dignified about standing in line and arguing over toilet paper).

  • loss of dignity

    Left mine somewhere in the playground at Primary school. ;)

  • if you're snotty, it's not coronavirus

    So the resident otter chap is going to be ok

  • My partner developed a fever a cough last night. Feeling quite a bit better today thankfully. I've got no symptoms so far.

    We're in self-isolation at home now. 7 days for her and 14 days for me.

  • ^ wont it need to be the higher duration for you both?

  • No.
    Symptoms- 7 days after resolution
    No symptoms- 14 days or reset clock to 7 with symptoms.

  • Rhinorrhea

    I assume that means shitting like a rhino so maybe the loo roll shortage makes sense after all

  • messaging that there's no-way lock down is keeping their kids away from Mini-Pasty.

    Christ. This is the reality that we’re up against, will be no surprise when they have to roll out harder measures to stop spread.

  • I know; it didn't take long for Mrs Pasty to get over the discomfort of putting her right and, as she'd been holding off, gave her the chance to remind this particular friend that she lives (on very attractive financial terms btw) with the in-laws, who are 70+, not particularly/obviously healthy and one of whom has had cancer recently. It's just mad!

  • I’ve got a cough, shortness of breath, banging headaches (only ever get them when I’m under the weather), and no fever.

    Sudden change in respiratory health (I was running a week ago), suggests I’ve got it. Especially as I’ve never had shortness of breath with any other illness.

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  • Glad she put them straight though. Explaining the dangers it creates to those at risk is one of the only things that’ll bring the reality home for a lot of people.

  • I had most of the top two lines of symptoms when I had a cold a couple of weeks ago.
    At no point in time did I suspect corona virus. I don't even drink the stuff.

  • Day 6 and I'm starting to feel better especially at night. Switched to aspirin twice a day based on recommendations. No fever though I'm feeling cold/chills.
    I've not ventured out today and it is getting hard to focus. Still trying to crack on with work.

  • Been hit with the chills myself. And can’t focus for shit. Been trying to get stuck into a textbook for a course I was supposed to start soon. Hard work reading anything, never mind something technical.

  • 39.2 this morning
    Chills and proper aches through the night
    Dry cough
    Constant headache

    Think I got it?

  • Sounds horribly familiar...

    Take care of yourself, dude. I started working again too soon (today, day 4) because I am an idiot. Feel completely wiped out and aches are all back again.

  • Cheers man. Im starting to have hopes about a slow return to life but I’m glad the weekend gets in the way of work

  • I had headache on first day only.
    Did you cut out coffee? (Cold turkey style)
    Everyone is different and will react differently to the viral attack.
    However I would say that your symptoms are like many others atm.
    Are you self-isolating?
    I'm going to spend most of next week in. Hoping for a short daily walk to the park but keeping away from the joggers and dog walkers.
    Luckily for me my gf is able to take care of our food shopping.

  • short walk ... but keeping away from the joggers and dog walkers

    Just did this, first time out of the house all week. Waited until fairly late, it's a quiet neighborhood so noone about usually and now it was all post apocalyptic. Met one dog walker but spotted her early so crossed the street. Generally kept an eye out for escape routes in case I met a larger group or something. Very strange experience but man it felt good to get some fresh air!

  • Did it floor you? Were you unable to leave bed?

    For a couple of days at its peak I did not eat anything and tried to sleep most of the day. Took lots of paracet and also some gravols (dimenhydrinate) to knock me out. I have a jar of them from Canada, over the counter there, non existent here. They work as sleeping tablets for me.

    Appetite still affected.

    I thought I was over it (started nine days ago) but today was not great. Had to lie down at 6:30pm. Was considering checking in to local A+E, but feel better now after a two hour sleep, and also didn't feel it was warranted compared to other reported conditions. Cough still persistent. Older kid also still coughing, listless and floppy at random times, and he also went to bed this evening at 6:30 which is unheard of.

    The cough also feels different to others in the past.

    FWIW I am 43, generally healthy, don't smoke, have been vegan for 16 years, run 3 times a week, and don't drink much alcohol any more. Very rarely off work with illness. My work is closed and WFH at the moment, but there's no way I could put in anywhere near a full day at the moment. Being sick for this amount of time with me is completely outside the pale.

  • I’m assuming it’s very possible to be fighting both coronavirus and a different strain of cold (rhinovirus etc?)

  • Grim. Heal up. Least you’ve had “the big one” I guess.

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I think I/we might have Coronavirus thread (release your isolation-frustration here)

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