• Taking @Velocio advice maybe this is the place for anyone who feels they/their family might have Covid-19 to chat about their worries, experiences & symptoms - frustratingly, chances are that only those who are suffering very severe illness will ever know if they have had it!
    Update on the fam. Mrs and 3 year old all but fine (last dregs of sniffles).
    2 year old woke in great spirits and we had an hour pottering in the garden listening to Corona on the Echo, however after 45 mins he suddenly started coughing, nose running and his croaky throat appeared. Nurofen and Broncho-Stop did the trick but he's been in most the day.
    I've been pottering in the glorious sunshine but now feeling pretty knackered so we're having an indoor BBQ and bottle of wine. Fingers crossed the 2 year old has 'peaked' and will be back to normal in a couple of days.

  • all the best to you and your family.

  • Much appreciated mate. We're all good (in 'normal' conditions we'd have likely taken the 3 yr old to the GP on the third day of his 40° temp but no one has been acutely and worryingly ill to a degree not seen before) which is making us think it isn't Covid but we don't know. If it is then I'm certainly only very mildly afflicted. After a week stuck inside the sunshine/garden really helped raise the mood today.

  • Just a heads up, pharmacist mate says to avoid ibuprofen as it can affect immune response. Paracetamol for fever is better.

    Been feeling ropey again today, headaches and sore joints. Thought I was just making a fuss but just went for a short walk in the woods behind the house and was shocked at how short of breath I was after 100m walking. Had to stop to catch my breath - I was out running with no problems a week ago. Makes you realise how serious it could be for those at risk.

  • Ah mate that sounds terrible and, as you say, as a healthy 30 year old, really puts the struggles vulnerable people must be suffering into perspective. Stay strong and take it easy mate - I wouldn't venture too far from home/support if you're suffering such symptoms. Cheers for paracetamol advice too - read that just before you sent your message.

    We're now isolating for another week of course. Fingers crossed the sun hangs around a bit

    Keep the updates coming if convenient

  • Fwiw ibuprofen advice has no scientific background.

  • Right, back on the ibuprofen! Ha, why is nothing straightforward?

    Pasty Family update.
    Little change, Mrs and 3 year old fine bar an odd sniffle/cough.
    2 year old now on day 4 of cough (more pronounced over last 48 hours) and a bit rhaspy and wheezy (not panicked struggle to breathe though, if that makes sense)
    Me: light cold symptoms (bit of a runny nose and slightly chesty cough).
    Another week stuck in so making some plans to do some household bits (deck loft and install ladder for one! - I have the materials) and sort out bike/bits shed (most importantly)

  • Fwiw ibuprofen advice has no scientific background.

    Do you know this to be true?


    Paul Little, a professor of primary care research at the University of Southampton, said: “The general feeling is that the French advice is fairly sensible. There is now a sizeable literature from case control studies in several countries that prolonged illness or the complications of respiratory infections may be more common when non-steroidal anti-inflammatories [NSAIDs] are used.”


  • Phew - was just about to administer!

    No, I'm only (making a poor and maybe distasteful attempt at) joking. We've stopped Ibuprofen for the little'un

    All the best

  • I have no medical expertise, but I’d say it’s pretty dangerous to be saying things are fine and have no scientific merit if it goes on to be proven harmful for people.
    Stay safe. All the best to you too

  • Staying in except going off to be tested soon due to sniffles and sore throat. Not sure what result to hope for!

  • bike shed priority :D

    Hope you all get well soon! I've had a running nose and a slight fever this morning but might have overdone it yesterday while running.

  • Take it you're not in the UK Russ? I'd love to be tested. I have a daughter who lives between her mum and I (2-3 nights a week with mine) who I've not seen for a week and won't for another - she has Downs Syndrome and whilst she doesn't have any associated medical conditions she's had pneumonia before so being extra cautious. Is there any way we can get tested; does our situation warrant it?

  • I had it week before last. Three nights sweating it out and headaches plus 5-6 of general lethargy and shortness of breath. Over it now.

  • https://www.infomed.ch/aktuell.php?newsi­d=1283

    His suggestion was criticized by some health experts, who cited the lack of publicly available evidence suggesting a link between ibuprofen and adverse effects of the coronavirus.

    "Deeply concerned about this bold statement," Muge Cevik, a researcher at the University of St Andrews Infection and Global Health Division, said on Twitter. "There's no scientific evidence I am aware of that ibuprofen [causes worse] outcomes in #COVID19."

    "There is a good reason to avoid ibuprofen as it may exacerbate acute kidney injury brought on by any severe illness, including severe COVID-19 disease. There isn't yet any widely accepted additional reason to avoid it for COVID-19," Rupert Beale, a group leader in Cell Biology of Infection at the UK's Francis Crick Institute, told the UK's Science Media Centre.

    "It is not clear from the French Minister's comments whether the advice given is generic 'good practice' guidance or specifically related to data emerging from cases of COVID-19, but this might become clear in due course," he added.

    Yesterday Belgian news they said there wasn't any scientific backup

    Today the BCFI told people the same statement as the French.

    So I must retract my statement. If it doesn't seem to work better than paracetamol, why even take it.

    Talked to a doctor friend of mine and she said the statement probably came because ibuprofen isn't safe for the elderly who are more fragile to covid. But she only gets trickle down information.

  • Seeing as the UK has tested 44,000 and only 1,500 have been confirmed as covid-19, you more than likely have got the normal flu.

  • Very possible; the only difference (and I'm sure someone can tell us if there's a significant difference in the 'spreadability' of Covid Vs Flu) is that everyone in the household has had symptoms within a week of one another which has never happened previously

  • And maybe that the range of symptoms is wider. Very mild in my case. Just seen Idris Elba has tested positive - has no symptoms...how the fuck did he get tested then? It's not like 'fancying a Cherry Pepsi Max' "Oh, I feel fine but fancy a Covid-test"

  • Just seen Idris Elba has tested positive - has no symptoms...how the fuck did he get tested then?

    He was tested because he was in contact with someone who has been confirmed to have the virus.

  • Well, in that case, I take back my rant!

  • Take it you're not in the UK

    Tbh I'm only being tested as I work in a hospital, it's to weed out people with mild symptoms who might come in to work if they test negative.

  • Mine (desire to be tested) is more for practical (and I suppose is therefore selfish) reasons though mainly based around having contact with my daughter (regardless of result) and also just being able to get on with my and my families selfish life; you know, going for walks etc! I've not been in 2mtr contact with anyone (outside my house) for a week but there's still people obsessed with flagrantly opposing advice around here for fear of anyone 'telling them what to do'

  • Been feeling ropey again today, headaches and sore joints. Thought I was just making a fuss but just went for a short walk in the woods behind the house and was shocked at how short of breath I was after 100m walking. Had to stop to catch my breath - I was out running with no problems a week ago. Makes you realise how serious it could be for those at risk.

    This was basically me when I tried to go for a walk yesterday.

    I've just officially been logged as a suspected case at work and told by my boss to self-isolate for two weeks. Arse.

    I've had all the symptoms except a fever and my cough isn't continuous. I have had some slightly scary tight chest action the last few days though and based on the link @lowbrows posted (https://emcrit.org/ibcc/COVID19/#signs_a­nd_symptoms), specifically this bit

    The frequency of fever is variable between studies (ranging from 43% to 98% as shown in the table above). This may relate to exact methodology used in various studies, different levels of illness severity between various cohorts, or different strains of the virus present in various locations. Additionally, some studies defined fever as a temperature >37.3 C (Zhou et al. 3/9/20).
    Regardless of the exact numbers – absence of a fever does not exclude COVID-19.

    I don't have any confidence that I don't have it.

  • I don't have any confidence that I don't have it


    I had / still have a fever, wheezy chest, aching everywhere (behind my eyes - FFS), headache, sore throat, but no cough - which makes me doubt it and think maybe seasonal flu? Also signed off as suspected case. Kids very upset about having to stay at home.

  • Yeah totally get your frustration, esp with your daughter who might be vulnerable. If it's any consolation, the test is only about 70% sensitive so you'd never know for sure anyway :-)


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