• Hi all,
    Not sure where this should be posted so admins please move where appropriate.
    I’m now having to work from our DR site in Northolt from Monday. I can’t bear the tube commute from Walthamstow.
    Can anyone help me with tips on getting from Regent’s Park / central London ish to Northolt? Looks like I have to dice with death on the west way flyover and all the other hellish roads round there. Does anyone riding similar routes have any tips? Looks like the route will be around 20m.

  • Uxbridge rd is preferable to west way...how about train from marylebone?..against the commuter flow and should be pleasant.

  • Hi mate, dumb question but the train from Marylebone will go to Northolt? I thought it only had a tube line

  • An adventurous route would be the Grand Union canal towpath to the bridge of the Ruislip Road,
    then Ruislip Road to the (defunct) White Hart roundabout,
    then the dull unimproved section of the A312 towards the Target roundabout then on towards
    Northolt Tube station.
    Or, Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush, pick up the Uxbridge Road through Acton, Ealing,
    then route of choice to enjoy the full length of the Ruislip Road, past the Gurnell Leisure centre,
    through Greenford traffic lights, then as above.

  • If you had a bike with 25c plus tyres you could just hit the canal in the morning for a chilled out morning ride.

    Great thing is you'd be going contra-flow on the left side.

    Not sure I would want to ride back at night though but again you would be going contra-flow so traffic would be slightly better on your side of the road.

  • The Chiltern Line is not even that well known to locals.

  • I had to ride out to Park Royal (on the canal) for a few months years ago. It was pretty relaxing. I would ride from Hackney then catch the canal on the otherside of Little Venice.

  • Thanks for the helpful hints guys. I am scrambling to work out the route as I’m there from Monday (and the place doesn’t have showers!). Google maps suggested going along the canal too, but I haven’t been on it before and usually avoid them as you can’t boot it on them generally.
    I ride on one Pompino fixie with 25’s marathon plus.

  • Just leave 15 minutes earlier and enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the detailed description I will try and work this out on the google maps.

  • The path has been greatly improved in the years I have been riding it.

  • Station at northolt park...not sure if it'll be useful.

  • Nice that’s good to know. I have no idea how long the ride will take. It’s saying 20m on google maps but I’m meant to be there at 7:30am at latest so suspect I’d have to set off very early and don’t really have time for a reconnaissance ride

  • October 2018 I rode from whatever the road north from Wood Lane (past the old BBC building), is called to the junction I mentioned, on Marathon Plusses.
    As there was no need to stop, it was one of my fastest recorded bike rides.
    (I am old & slow).
    The worst bit of the towpath, in Greenford, opposite the old Glaxo site,
    good small gravel but endless rain retaining shallow potholes,
    has been completely resurfaced as a planing gain benefit of the residential development on the site.

  • Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush, pick up the Uxbridge Road throughActon, Ealing, then route of choice to enjoy the full length of the Ruislip Road...

    Would suggest this as a fast route.

    Canal would be ok too.

  • Yep. often my route home after Wests beers,
    a cycle ride into town.
    It can be slow up Acton High Street, with all the traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and mini roundabouts,
    and the climb out of the Brent Valley at Greenford traffic lights can be bothersome with traffic leaving the LiDL car park, busses queuing to stop or pull out, and just missing a traffic light sequence, but in a couple of places you can challenge the LB Ealing 20mph zones.

  • I don't like riding the canal but when I was going to Alperton often it made sense. Only bit I found super dodgy was the narrow bit east of where it crosses the north circular, it was fine most of the time but you sometimes got another cyclist zoom towards you and even as a confident rider I'd stop and stand still close to the side as I could as they did that dumbness.

    If it's dark when you ride be considerate and pick the right brightness of lights so not the sun mounted facing at the eyes of oncoming riders and not some bright flashing crap.

  • There are cycle paths of some description beside the A40 all the way from White City. It's not a pleasant route, nor is it high quality cycling infrastructure, but it'll keep you away from cars if that's your main priority.

    I wouldn't discount the tube tbh. Unless you're someone who hates traveling on it any time of the day then it might not be too bad given how early you'll need to be on it. I know someone who used to do Walthamstow to White City and they told me they expected to have a seat the entire way in the morning (and they were traveling much closer to the peak than you will be).

  • May a bit late for this but Komoot will give different riding routes and biases than things like Google, might be useful as a suggestion.

  • Cool thanks for the suggestions and I’ll check out Komoot

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Coronavirus induced hellish commute. East London to Northolt. Can you help?

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