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  • This happened. I found a Cervelo P2 frameset with a broken derailleur hanger in my size. The frame has horizontal dropouts and 130 mm spacing, it has been a good few years since my last fixie conversion. It's missing the proprietary seatpost and clamp and a headset. Also I don't think low profile rims are going to cut it, I'll have to keep my eyes open for something a bit more rad.

    So far I've tidied up the drive side dropout a bit with hacksaw, dremel and matte black paint.

  • I picked up a free Focus Mares frameset in the Spring. This week I had a free evening and built it up with some quite basic parts, Claris 1x8 gruppo etc.

  • Wheels for the Cervelo posted above, Pro-Lite Bracciano C50T's with a Halo track hub on the rear wheel.

    It's missing the seat post, which are available used and the seatpost clamp, which is rather reasonably priced but sold out everywhere. Luckily there's no rush with this build.

  • so nice. i'd love a P3 fixed.

    not a fan of the wheels but hey.

  • P2 with the new wheels. This is the dumbest project I've had in ages, I love it.

  • A bit of an update on the BLB Hitchhiker: New Velo-Orange mudguards. Installation required a bit of adjusting and fiddling, as 47-584 tyres are close to maximum width for frame (and mudguards) and there's not much room between tyres and racks.

    Also, I'll include this picture because I like it

  • So many nice bikes in this thread.

  • Thank you!

    Some recent projects:

    Marin Bolinas Ridge. A parts bin built runaround, built with some SRAM 1x9 stuff I got from a friend years ago when we upgraded his mountain bike to more modern components. At some point I'll have to do something to the seat clamp which is a bit twisted and torn after an attempt to steal the seat. Luckily the seatpost was stuck. This has been a good bike to pull the kid's trailer with.

    Specialized Crux Carbon Elite or something like that, I sold a few bikes and this came up for sale for a price too good to miss. This is the nicest bike I've had for ages, feels like a thoroughbred cyclocross racer, twisty, agile, responsive and fast.

    This was actually the reason I sold the abovementioned bikes, a friend was making an order to CNC bikes and there was this cheap unbranded gravel frame. I've had the beautiful custom steel fork and a matching front rack for a while now and been keeping my eyes open for a suitable frame. I think I have most of the components for this now, plan is to build this with SRAM Rival 1x11 groupset, Hunt wheels and a Rotor crankset etc. Most likely I'll end up building the bike after I've made some more room to the garage.

    Then, finally , a workspace. Our garage is a mess - dark, dusty and dimly lit. It still is and will remain so, but now I actually have some shelves where I can put stuff and a small table with a freaking light. It's not much, but compared to what I'm used to this is like straight out of MTV Cribs.

  • I recently got a set of Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith wheels, at first glance the wheels look almost like new, but the rear rim is damaged. There are cracks next to one of the spoke holes. I'll most likely have to get another rim, but I wanted to see if I could do at least a temporary fix to the old one.

    So, first I drilled two holes to the rim to get a better access. Then I drilled small holes to ends of each crack to stop them from spreading further. I ground the surface a bit and filled the cracks with epoxy as well as I could, then I added a ~3 cm long stainless plate to act as a sort of a washer for the spoke nipple. Finally, I filled the access holes with epoxy.

    I installed the spoke and tightened the nipple a bit to squeeze the stainless plate to the rim, the wheel is already straight enough to ride. At the moment I feel optimistic, but we'll see how this holds. I didn't really take pictures after the beginning, but here's one of the wheel as it is now. I'll let the epoxy harden before continuing.

  • New wheels on the bike, rear wheel is still intact and true after a test ride. Brakes don't just squeel, they sceam. Apparently the Exalith wheels are quite fussy on pad adjustments, also I'm of course still running generic pads instead of the proprietary Mavic ones.

  • It's winter and the Trek 8500 is back in action. I managed to remove last remnants of the old stuck seatpost, and replaced the 27,2mm + shim with a proper seatpost.

  • Awesome, looks like a proper snow shredding monster!

  • That Marin Bolinas Ridge is lovely. What bars are on it?

  • Oh, sorry for my late reply. Bars on the Marin are moped handlebars shimmed from 22,2 mm to 25,4 mm.


  • Very nice! Not seen one of these before!

  • That is great

  • Thanks! The bike is a Kona Band Wagon with added brake bosses. I'm really struggling with the narrow-ish riser, current plan is to update this with a drop bar and cantilever brakes. I also have a set of black decals left over from the Kilauea I had a few years ago.

  • A surprisingly quick update on the Kona, with a drop bar the riding position is spot on. Also I changed the gearing from 42-16 (freewheel) to 42-18 fixed, which feels a lot better.

    I'm really disappointed the first picture isn't sharp, on the camera screen it looked perfect with the colours from the truck driving by.

  • Sharpness is overrated anyway. It looks like a really fun bike!

  • Thanks, I've grown too used to pixel-peeping on a large screen. The bike is a super fun ride, it's been too long since I've had a fixed gear for winter.

  • This is what my Chargeplug wants to be when it grows up (albeit with full fenders because I don't possess any sisu).

    Great bike

  • That's a banger!

  • Any updates on that bonkers Cervelo?

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Jokke_A's endless stream of projects

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