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  • I softened the leather and saddle is reshaping as we speak, we'll see tomorrow if it works. I'm feeling optimistic. I've documented the progress in my Instagram stories, if I ruin the saddle I can let the content die in peace, if it works, I'll document it somewhere more permanently.


  • Thought it might have been someone on here! Cool bike

  • its fucked up right now, 7900 cranks and sram 1x AND its on the turbo

  • Thanks!

    Bit of progress with the saddle, from this:

    To this:

  • Ehhh... Good effort and interesting pics on your insta but still looks like a dead fish ;)

  • Its a sign of the times, in ten years it’d be an icon for cycling during corona. Maybe get an analog trainer and mount a Paul thumbie to set the resistance.

  • I'm glad you noticed, that's the look I was going for!

  • You've put me in my plaice.

  • The year hasn't been the easiest. But at least I have had time for a quick camper conversion of a WV Transporter, some driving around with the family during summer and building this little thing:

    A Kuwahara Nagano 1x7 with some wide moped handlebars.

    Oh, and my wife painted the San Sebastian. Old black paint was getting quite scruffy, I really like the new mondrianesque look.

  • Kudos to the wife!

  • Thanks !

    Today I had a free afternoon and a chance to finish the Crescent "Pepita".

    I think it turned out quite nice, this might be the prettiest bike I've had.

  • Nice! Always nice to see a "Världsmästarcykeln" that can actually ride fast!

  • Suuuper lovely and tidy, love it! It's a work of art really!

  • Damn I like this bike, a parts bin build really, but haven't changed a thing since. Minor problem with the seat post clamp requiring a massive tightening torque, but a better clamp should fix that.

  • Garage cleaning day. While it might seem that I have many similar bikes, actually there's a road plus -bike, a gravel bike, a light touring bike, and an allroad bike. Zero overlap, see?

  • I bought this some time ago (sellers pic), it now looks like this:

    So, the bike is a GT Peace Tour. We sold a few of these during my first years working in a bike shop ('09-'10). Reynolds steel frame, disc brakes, plenty of tyre clearance etc. I've kept my eyes open for one of these for a few years now until finally finding this practically unused one. My changes to it were minor really, On-One Brian handlebars, Cambium, tyres, etc.

    I've mostly been riding it on mtb trails. With the Rock'n'roads it's a lot more capable bike than my '98 Kuwahara. I thought about converting it to 1x9, but I seem to really need the granny gear... One thing I'm missing is a dropper post. Does anyone have experience with the remoteless ones? I don't need to adjust the seat all the time, but being able to get it out of the way for some descents would be nice.

  • Ooh yeah i like that. Usually i hate those kinda bright mixed bar tape but looks good here i reckon. Really nice photos as well, what is your camera setup?

  • Sweet bike! I’m also droppercurious, having ridden some trails on my Odd Cycles Randomör.

    The road fit isn’t great on trails... following with interest!

  • I have many similar bikes

    Nice bunch. What's the front rack on the grey bike? Always looking for options for mid fork mounts.

  • Also, any recent pics of the dead fish saddle? Did you manage to make it useable in the end?

  • Thanks for your comments!

    Here's a closeup of the bar tape. I quite like it, brings some colour to an otherwise slightly dull colour scheme.

    I took these pictures with a Canon EOS-1DS and a Zeiss Sonnar 85/2.8 (M42). I think this is my second favourite lense for bike pics.

    The front rack on my grey BLB is an old Blackburn Mountain rack.

    Project Dead Fish is dead to me, I sold it after the bike had sat outside for a few months with no progress whatsover. Sadly I don't have time for such a pile of... large project right now. I think the saddle would have been okay, I figured out the scaly surface would have gotten smoother with some use.

  • A small update on the BLB Hitchhiker, I think the build is now finished. I cut down the excess steerer tube and replaced the Campagnolo cranks with some White Industries ones. The bike feels pretty much spot on now.

    Also one newcomer to the collection. Misc. parts salvaged during my bike shop years and a free hybrid frame. I built this for short rides with the trailer, but actually ended up liking it so much that I used this as my winter bike and sold the Inbred 29er.

  • Something new for Summer of '21.

  • Nothing new to see here, but I had time today to take a few pictures of the finished BLB. The bike turned out just like I wanted it to, everything is pretty much spot on for me now.

  • Looks great

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Jokke_A's endless stream of projects

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