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  • Hello world.

    I thought I might try to document my occasional progress with the multiple project bikes occupying our garage.

    Hopefully a public to do -list will shame me to get stuff done.

    To Do:

    -Tidy up the steering of the Minitruck.
    -Build a new Hope 20five rear wheel for Kona Honky Inc.
    -Service Alfine hub of the Inbred.
    -Get new tyres for Gunnar Crosshairs.

  • Bikes deserve being embedded:

  • First new project of the thread, a mid '70's Crescent 92320 "Pepita". Swedish-built Reynolds 531 with lovely Nervex lugs. I got the bike with a horrible MTB bar & stem, which I had to replace with a drop bar before taking any pictures.

    Plan is to get the bike going again, basic maintenance & approximately period correct build.
    I have Cinelli 1A stem, Cinelli Campione del Mondo handle bars, NOS Mafac brake levers and Cristophe toe hooks ready to go on the bike. I still need some white cloth bar tape and a set of new cables.

  • Pretty rare to see some Mafac with brake pad holders. Lovely bike, just hoping you won't need the small chainring because it's huge !

  • Love the Gunnar

  • Very nice, can't wait to see it built up properly. :)

  • Half-step gearing, not that it makes it any lower!

  • Thanks for your comments.

    High gearing makes the bike fast, right? Swedes made the Crescent for Strong Scandinavian Legs. :)

  • Even slow progress is progress I guess. Some personal stuff has kept me away from bikes, but I had a few minutes to dig the bike from attic and mount the new stem, brake levers & handle bars. Size and fit feel pretty much perfect.

  • My Salsa Vaya in its natural habitat, I've been meaning to get a rear rack for the bike to better suit my adult dad commuter -lifestyle.

  • Get a front rack instead !

  • That's another option, but I prefer a full single pannier in the back to one in the front.

  • With a two-week-old newcomer in the family, project time is tight. Today I had a free moment and decided to pull the Gunnar Crosshairs from winter storage. I have a pair of Jack Brown Greens for the bike, but current Grand Bois'es were in better condition than I remembered so I decided to leave the tyre change for the moment. I think this is definitely the prettiest bike I own.

    I got this '90's Kuwahara Nagano frameset for free this winter and tought to build it up as a budget monster cross bike. Handlebars are 46 cm On-One Brians, tyres 2,1" Vittorias. A set of cantilever brakes and a very mixed group of 3x7 components still to come.

    Inspiration for the build is my '98 Kuwahara Okaya I've had since new, for some time I've been interested to try it with a drop bar and with a free frame on my hands I thought I'd give it a shot.
    Frames are really similar, I'm guessing the Okaya was a slightly better model as it has a Tange butted fork where as the Nagano has an Oria plain gauge one.

  • Nice going, and congratulations on the new citizen.

    Finally remembered what album your thread title reminded me of­mWI

  • Thanks! I guess that's a better association than Dolly Parton's "Endless Stream of Tears".

  • sick stuff man, lovely stable!

  • The trusty commuter, a Pelago San Sebastian. Not much of a project but maybe the bike I ride the most.

  • New addition to the herd, a Tommasini cyclocross. I've been sort of wanting another cyclocross bike since selling my Trek Crockett Di2 some time ago. This one popped up and after a lengthy 15 second consideration I messaged the seller and bought the bike. On a trail it feels just as suicidal as an old fully rigid XC-26er, just faster.

    I'd say the bike is from the early '00's. It's been sitting on a trainer for a few years and overall condition is really nice. Sadly the paint is a bit faded on the non-drive side. I've only changed the tyres, stem, pedals etc. minor stuff and I'm quite happy with the bike as it is, in the future I'd like to replace the ahead adapter, stem and OS handlebars with a more period correct quill and 26 mm bars.

    Also, it's really weird doing business at a distance, not shaking hands and so on, especially as the seller is wearing a mask. The learned habits on how to behave in these social situations are quite strong.

  • Love the Bikes, especially the Tommasini and Gunnar! Where are you based? North, Luleå?

  • Thanks! I'm based in Esbo, Finland.

  • I sold my mountain bike as it's seen way too little use lately. It was a cool bike, an old Nicolai Bass DFL, way too small for me but really a blast to ride.

    I heard 26" is dead and 650b is the way to go nowdays so I got this instead:

    It sort of fell in to my lap, "sort of" meaning I gave a bit of money to a guy in exchange for the bike.

    The condition is awful and I'm not sure why the hell I bought it, but some of my earliest memories include a '70's Peugeot PX-50 and an orange children's seat, I blame sense of nostalgia. Also I've never seen one of these with cantilever brakes and randonneur brake levers (here installed the wrong way around).

    I think the French bikes from this era are really beautiful.

    Even though their sense of ergonomics is a bit odd.

  • That old Peugeot has potential! Saddle looks like a fried fish ;)

    And congrats on the internet stardom - the blb is a very nice build.

  • @amey When is DBAD due?

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Jokke_A's endless stream of projects

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