• The Lahar and the Stab?!?!?!

  • What you wanna know about it? Its lying in my folks garage but still need to get parts for it Ive got a ton of stuff for it.

    Still to get
    Carbon Rear Rim
    27.5 and 26 Michelin Tyres
    Maybe Cranks
    New rear shock
    Machine some plates for the suspension to slacken it

    But will all this covid stuff its kinda put a bit of the brakes on it.

  • Stab is up my loft, since I bought the turner 5 spot but I have a set of 36's for that sitting there. So many projects.

  • Have you put a brake on the fork and a wheel in it yet?
    Keen to hear that theres enough clearance for the brake and rotor.
    I’ll redo it if not

  • Im currently Fuckin about with the headset on my Brooklyn right now Phil trying to get it back together.

    Think I was on the glue when I stripped it as I didn’t put the stuff in the right place like usual.

  • Still got some stuff left to get for the Brooklyn but finally got the bike rebuilt although the headset needs new bearings as its loose as fuck and rocking now.

    Still got to get a 29.8 Thomson Post
    Gravel King 32c Gumwall tyres
    Remove the break mounts on the forks and trim the hose down on the disc too.
    Izumi Super tough chain
    Paint it and new decals but that can wait till the summer when the weather is better.

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  • New Sugino 75 and factory 5 chain ring

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  • Shimano Saint Disc Brake with 160mm rotor

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  • 🤘🏻

  • First ride last night, new post fitted and self made shim to take the 29.0 seat post I bought that didn’t fit.

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  • Never seen one of those Lahars before - what an absolute weapon! Awesome bikes in here, great work.

  • the background gave me a headache

  • What one they are all cluttered, I also think my iPhone camera is fucked as the photos were kinda blurry.

    Just need a new seat, gravel kings and chain to finish it. Half tempted to paint it but also kinda liking the fucked up paint now.

  • Finally got some gravel king 32’s they still seem pretty easy to get up to speed. Hopefully that are grippy in the wet. Just seen to get a new BB and maybe a paint job and it’s finished.

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  • Adding another old DH bike to the stable. Gonna try and build this like the old Turner DHR’s the team Turner/Honda or Turner Maxxis ones from the early days.

    This is the round Tube DHR so a bit more modern than the square tube ones but still from 08.

    Got a pair of Deemax V1’s for it which are D321 if anyone knows what they are probs build it with a set of boxxers on the front.

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  • Bushed frame?

  • I don’t actually know tbh. Only really just started getting parts for it while the other one is waiting on some stuff

  • https://m.pinkbike.com/news/now-that-was­-a-bike-john-kircaldies-turner-dhr.html?­pbref=p

    Is kinda idea is the inspiration behind it, always wanted one when I was a teenager.

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  • Still not got cranks for the Turner but not far away from it.

    Oh and added a 2016 Ancillotti Tomaso DHP to the stable.

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  • Dude, you have taste in old DH bikes. Loved the old square Turners but they all broke eh.

    Although the Ancillotti isn't that old. How does it ride? Always liked the look of them (trail/AM/enduro bikes, don't ride DH) and hear good things about the suspension.

  • I just love old shit, although I probs will get a orange enduro next year when my mate is clearing out his old rigs with new stuff. The square ones did crack, I dont know if that one will do the same tbh.

    Well I dont know as its currently in transit coming to me but I did own one in 2004/5 and it was slick. Rode really well for the time, so hopefully this one is a bit slacker and a bit longer than that one was at the time.

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All Dead Brands can get rebuilt - Lahar, Brooklyn, Yeti, Dialled and others.

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