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  • As promised....

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  • Muddy Fox, Middleburn and Flite all off to new homes.

  • Bit of success with local sales so big nose will bash on.....

    Hylix fork, 1 1/8, full carbon, bought new for non disc commuter, never used, includes axle, taken out packaging and admired (and then bought a disc frame and fork instead) £50

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  • Columbus tusk air chrono fork, 1 1/8, bought off here as listed below and then painted, fits a 28c on an open pro but not with a guard. Used for a few weeks til wet face got the better of me. Good condition. Light grey/blue colour. £50

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  • And last but not least,
    Tange 1 1/8 fork from Charge, sold as 700c but didn’t quite work with my long drop trp callipers, loads of clearance and brand new. £15

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  • I’ll get proper photos added over the weekend and some measurements for the charge fork.

  • Columbus has a few marks but still tidy for a used fork, hylix and charge as new.

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  • .

  • Hey man, are the Charge still there? can you post to Newcastle?

  • Looking for a CX bike in Edinburgh if anyone has anything available. 54-56 please.

  • Just a random wondering, anyone been in the bike station recently ? I’m after 1” quill bullmoose type bars and wondered if they have anything similar. In typing I’m thinking a phone call would probably offer a quicker answer....?

  • How does it work with Bikestation? I've just moved up from the Borders, and I'm looking to get some 26" wheels and a few others bits and pieces. Do they have crates of parts? If so, I 'll pop round tomorrow and can let you know if there are any bullmooses (bullmeese?)

  • Hey man, sure a few on here will know better than me as I’ve not set foot in the place for a few years but from memory, they were open on a couple of week days and had work stations with tools you could hire by the hour with a couple of proper bike mechanics on hand to offer help where required. Boxes and trays full of used parts from donated bikes were available to rummage through and supplement your maintenance. There was normally a sale of donated and refurbished bikes on a Saturday morning which I’d imagine brought in most of their funds, being a charity?

  • I’ll probably give them a call later, probably worth you doing the same before turning up, imagine things will be set up different what with the bug and all....?

  • There's a big of info on their website - seems like they are still accepting customers, but only one at a time. Might swing by early tomorrow when they are open

  • That’s grand, if you’d be good enough to ask re bullmoose, any positive response and I’ll pop round myself. Thanks again

  • They have all sorts of stuff, loosely organised. Loads of 26" wheels hanging from the roof. If they don't have what you want, ask if they've got one in the back bit

    Very much doubt they'll have bullmeese though, essentially what they have in is cheap, plentiful components that people donate.

  • I went today, looking for some 26" wheels and other bits and pieces. Arrived at 10.20 and, through a stupid level of stubbornness and also, not having anything else to do, I waited until after 2 to get in.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone going for the moment - the guys are booked out for repairs until July, and though really helpful and friendly, I'd felt like an imposition as there's only one person allowed in the shop at a time. The showroom had been completely cleared out.

    Didn't see any bull moosii bars either @CptnBigNose sorry!

  • Hey thanks for asking, hope you managed to get some of the stuff you were after, what are you after? Lbs up my way has boxes of old bits so can possibly help you out.

  • Some bits and bobs for sale - prices are ONO

    1050 SLR brake levers - in good nick, hoods bit grubby but no rips etc - £10

    Shimano 600 27.2 ‘aero’ seat pin - great condition only marked below min insert line - £18

    Shimano 600 SL 6400 down tube shifters - great condition all parts there, one even still had the cable socket cover intact - £15

    BR 1050 brake callipers - bolt fitting, good condition, bolts a bit rusty and back of callipers grubby - £15

    RD 6400 rear mech - good condition generally but with scuffing and scrapes near frame bolt, needs a clean - £15

    FD 1055 from mech - braise on. Dirty needs a good scrub - £7

    Can all be collected in Broughton whenever and can supply better photos if required

    happy to shift the lot at one price

    Have the chain to lob in as well

    Have some Record/Mavic open 4cd 7 speed freehub tubular wheels to sell, but they need a bit of a service first



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  • Some of it - got a set of 26" wheels and some cranks. Was looking for some V Brakes and Levers, but didn't find what I was looking for

  • My lbs is ‘just bike repairs’ at juniper green. Matt is a good lad but pretty much a one man operation so not entirely sure how he’s working things atm. I’ll be on to him tomorrow so can certainly ask if your brake requirements are specific? Suspect his boxes of bits would be a similar hit or miss to the bike station.

  • They have millions of V brakes/levers. If you go back I think they're in the filing cabinets

  • Ahh no way. There were a few bits and pieces out on some shelves and assumed that was it.

    @CptnBigNose thanks, to be honest the build is probably on hold for a bit so no worries

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Edinburgh classifieds / for sale / freecycle

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