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  • To prop up the house of cards that is my bike #buying strategy I'll have a ~4 year old Boardman Team 29er in size M/18" up for sale as soon as I've reassembled it. It's not done many miles - unbelievably still on it's original brake pads and chain - but they probably need replacing soon. Bizarrely I never felt the need to change anything on it so everything is stock except the front thru-axle which I swapped for a Maxle Ultimate. Fork serviced last Jan at Pedals but it's only been used a handful of times since then...

    This one


    £300 maybe? I have no idea

    Edit: Forgot to mention fell over in my flat and has a dent in the top tube. But it's never caused any issues, to the point where (as you can see) I forgot it was there

    Edit: geo

  • Straight OT

    Loaf Jonesy armchair. 5yrs old and been through several messy house moves. Now ‘the dogs chair’, but really far to good for that.

    No rips or tears and all stains will come out, it just needs a good upholstery cleaner. We would do it, but it doesn’t ‘fit’ in our gaff now apparently....

    £60 collected from top of Broughton Street

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  • What do you know !

    An Edinburgh page on LFGSS

    A chance for some one local to get my new 58cn Dolan Precursa

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  • Keeping on with the Dolan theme, I have this FXE for grabs if anyone’s interested. Head set, Tortec rear rack and seat clamp included. No dents or dings. Loads of rad stickers. £60

    Edit: size 60cm

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  • I've got loads of road drop handlebars, some seat posts, and some other misc bits. Having a clear out so will put up some pics shortly. If anyone needs any miscellaneous bits let me know...

  • I have a few things I'm keen to get rid of as well.

    Free things

    1. Nice chunk DMR tanwall 26er tyres. I think they are for BMX? Bought them in a desire to be a trendy functional rider, now no longer have a trendy functional retro MTB. Mucky and a bit fadey
    2. Clement Xplor Ush tyres 700x35. Used for 1 tour and a bit of commuting. Very cheap on PX, even cheaper here
    3. Motorcross bars with free tape residue - again with the aspirational trendyness, wanted to build a klunker. Did not like said clunker. These are wide, with crazy amounts of rise. Can give you a cool GT BMX stem for 1 1/8th steerers as well. A very, very heavy combo

    Also have a rusty but lovely old Trek 990, modified by Sam at Stayer cycles, total FBNPAPAPA or whatever the acronym is, ideal for someone maybe 5"4-5"7 ish. Pics on request

    For almost free

    1. Some type of Kona - is it a lava dome? Thunder dome? Chunder dome? who knows. It has a stuck seatpost, a fair amount of rust, and that thing from the film Possession living in the bottom bracket. All for the competitive corona price of 15 quid.
    2. Colnago 26er forks. Excellent levels of steerer length. Cromo strength and weight. Nice detailing. 10 quid.

    Still commuting into work for at least the next week. Could potentially meet at S Gyle, Haymarket or Waverley. Will be bringing in a bike on Friday for someone, so could brings things up then. Will stand a respectable distance away, and toss things over underhand.

    Pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/HZWsE22xcAKBtv­Ni8

  • What width are the DMRs?


  • Sweet, I’ll take them!

    PMing now

  • Ooh, I'll take them Clements if they've not gone. Would be interested in some pics of the Trek too.

  • Has anyone got a front rim brake wheel? Looking for something with a wide rim.

    Keen to trade for some of the many bits I have available, of which photos coming.

  • Obviously a great opportunity for me to be lazy, a more comprehensive and detailed add including many more bits will make it to the actual classifieds section next weekend but in the meantime...... (and since I’m in Edinburgh)

    Muddy Fox Courier, Xt gears and brakes of various generations, will be sold with kalloy seatpost (not post shown) £125 with generic saddle or extra £10 for flite pictured.

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  • Charge splash back 2.1 (folding) tan wall tyres, seen some use but loads of life left. £25

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  • Middleburn cranks and spider, 180 length square taper. £40

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  • Various 1 1/8 forks, 6800 groupset, hope RS4 wheelset all coming soon....

  • how big is this? I've a pal that's looking for a bike for his Mrs who is about 5'7" I think and this would be ideal.

  • Seat tube ctc 52.5 top tube ctc 55.
    I’m 6’1” and pictured is how I rode it. Suspect it may be a touch big but test rides are more than welcome.

  • Yeah sounds like it might be a bit of a stretch, pity as it's a quality machine!

  • Would you do the Muddy Fox plus the Middleburns for 150? I’m in Paisley but could organise collection when restrictions are eased.

  • Bike and cranks sold pending covert collection.....

  • Did they take that flite?

  • I’ll add a couple of photos of the flite tomorrow as it’s had a bit of a life.

  • Cool. I’m after one to strip/ recover. ❤️

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Edinburgh classifieds / for sale / freecycle

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