Saffron Frameworks Dream Bike

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  • I've got those cages. They're good

  • @Nahguavkire sold the real ones not so long ago i believe

  • King Cages fucking suck. Arundel stainless for life. Disclaimer: still have and use several King Cages and they're just not as good).

  • No issues here whatsoever, had them on my last 3 bikes. Both stainless and ti.

    Haven't tried Arundel. Have the Silca ti's in bourbon and they're not as good as King which is unfortunate considering their price.

  • I really like King Cages but would prefer something lighter for this project.

    Obviously lots of options are lighter than King but Carbonworks and Alpitude are nice and simple, and almost even retro.

  • Are you using the Ali Express ones?
    Would be interested to hear which seller you bought from etc.

  • Yep
    Probably the same ones
    Here's the link to the ones I bought­96.html

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • You know what would look great on this build? Arundel Stainless.

  • Ordered... fingers crossed they're alright!

    Did consider Arundel (they look great on your De Rosa) but after something lighter for this project.

    Also enjoying these from Sturdy... not that light but.... : )

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  • Planet X stainless cages are cheap and decent. A whole 50g though.­anet-x-stainless-steel-bottle-cage

    I used to like the Trek Angel Cage, but it's been discontinued for years and I can't find a pic

  • I got the pair Carbonworks cages off @Nahguavkire, have yet to mount them to a frame that has to materialise soon (I hope).

    They are crazy light and feel as they can snap at any moment. :/

    Would require Carbonworks Garmin mount to go fully matchy.

  • Question about ISP toppers:

    Is a topper with a 30.25mm internal diameter interchangeable with a 30mm one?
    Turns out ISPs are back on the table so I'm just looking into pricing.
    Saffron has quoted me £85 for a '30mm' Ritchey topper and I'm wondering if it's the same one I've seen online for almost half that....?

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  • on the Ritchey site there is only the option for 30.25mm so i guess it's the same

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  • Don't stop now

  • Bamboo saddle is lit.


    EDIT: Looks like they've stopped making toppers? Can't see them on the website...

  • Looks like you're right about that - thanks for the research!

  • Some not particularly exciting new arrivals that have been dripping-in over the last few days:

    1. C-Bear GXP bb... I dithered endlessly about getting non-GXP cranks but finally decided to keep the ones I already have. Path of least resistance and all that. Anyway the C-Bear bb looks nicely made for the money... hopefully it performs well too.
      I might look into chainring alternatives as I've heard Sram ones are made from butter (but not as tasty)

    2. Lifeline skewers. They were even on offer woop woop!

    3. KMC superlight chain.

    So I have an unused Sram 11sp chain and GXP bottom bracket going spare if anyone's interested.

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  • And in other news, I've given myself a knee injury which has been a set-back in terms of finalising the fit.

    I've had numerous bike (and saddle) fitting sessions for this, and none of them have been 100% correct for my bad leg (I broke my femur in Dec 2018). Every time I think I've nailed it, the niggles start creeping back and I have to re-book and try again.

    I was doing some trial-and-error adjustments of my own (and felt like I was actually getting somewhere) but it all went wrong (obvs).... so still no numbers, therefore still no frame.

    Matthew is keen for me to sort this out as some of his other projects are starting to get delayed by supply-chain issues and I already have my groupset etc.


    Does anyone know a good physiotherapist bike-fitter? Basically I need a full analysis of which muscle groups still need working on, and some exercises to build them back up.

    Any leads much appreciated!

  • Nice one, thanks @JB : )

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Saffron Frameworks Dream Bike

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