Saffron Frameworks Dream Bike

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  • Oh cool... could you link me to the thread?
    I couldn't find it by searching.

  • Ha, then I read your post... are they brand new? They even have the correct hole count.

  • not a thread, a group message :)

  • Ah ha, that would explain that.
    When are thinking of pulling the trigger? Will join if I choose those rims but need to think about it / ask Matthew.

  • brand new yes, have been to and fro-ing for a while with those : )

  • More potatoes.... which one looks better; black hubs or green hubs?
    Be honest now, these things are important!

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  • black hubs for me.

  • Pink hubs to match the brakes and BB junction?

  • Silver hubs and spokes would go nice with the 3k weave rims.

  • Greeen

  • Disc brakes

  • Green :)
    It opens up the options for bartape

  • I literally did this just for you. It took ages : )

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  • so far...

    Black: 1
    Green: 2
    Pink: 1
    Silver: 2

  • Has to be oil slick hubs and spokes with that paint job.

  • Alright if pink was a choice and it guaranteed that color would win, i'd back it

  • Pink

  • Pink is nice (have edited it in above).... but who makes them?
    Current colour line-ups only, they have to be order-able from distributers.

  • Chris King ? I had a pair of r45

  • Might be worth asking if Billy can do you a quick sample tube with the spectracoat fading into yellow. I don’t think it will work very well, as spectracoat effect looks totally different depending what colour it is painted on top of (usually black or silver for best results)…. So it may look a little weird as it fades out over the yellow.

    Again, paint is totally subjective, so my taste might not be your taste, but I don’t think it will come out looking like your mock up due to the way the paint works, so asking for a quick sample of what the fade will actually come out like IRL might be worth while to ensure the end result will be as expected.

    Two stage paints (spectracoat, chromacoat, candy etc) can do weird unexpected things when you fade them into other solid colours, so doing a trial run on a sample tube is always worthwhile in my experience. These types of effect paint normally work best as a fade when faded into whatever solid base colour has been used as the undercoat for the effect paint.

  • black obviously

  • I'm not fussed what colour hubs you go for Gareth, but this build seems to be about you letting your inner Liberace have free reign, embrace it!

  • Green hubs, says I. And no ISP.

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Saffron Frameworks Dream Bike

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