TW Builds a Garden Room

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  • There is one more project I want to know about...

  • Thanks for the tip. Once for my accountant, I think.

  • @dancing james to be fair I think @TW is significantly more ambitious with his designs!

  • Ambition counts for little without an actual building to show for it...

  • You probably have gainful employment contending for your time though. As a freelancer 2020 has been a total fucking write off for me. All I've had to get in the way of build progress is this guy

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  • @Josh012 another one for you to follow!

  • Aaaaand we're getting moving again.

    This morning, I took delivery of the timber for the frame - 280 meters of 2x4, and 150m of 2x7, in lengths of between 3 & 6 meters

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  • thats not very christmassy, you live next to a school!?

  • 6 meter 2x7 is not easy to carry down side paths.

    Now it's stacked & coved, I'll be leaving it for until the New Year, when I can spend a couple of days cutting it to size.

    After that, I'm somewhat dependent on the availability someone to come weld the steel for the door frames (and to deliver the 5.5m steel flitch beam).

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  • Santa moves in mysterious ways.

    We live next door to a school because we're lazy & can't be bothered with walking too far at drop-off & pick-up.

  • Excellent.

  • 6 metres is srs bsnz - what's your longest continuous span? I cheated and made two halves of the shed, and then fixed them together. Basically two c. 2m x 2m x 2m cubes screwed together to make a 4m x 2m footprint.

  • Longest span is 3m for the triple bifold door.

    Having a flitch beam means I can have a decent height doorway, without fear of sagging over time, and the steel flatbar frame (as recommended by the door manufacturers) means that the expansion and contraction of the building won't effect the doors at all.

    Having a full 5.5m width beam simplifies construction.

  • Wow. That is a lot of wood.

  • Is there anyone on this forum who hasn't made a wooden building yet?

  • Lumber Fettling Garden Shed Society isn't it?

  • Long Forgotten Garden Shed Salvation

  • Me. I want one and have space in the garden for one. I don't have the skills or time. I might pay someone to build one for me or buy an off the shelf one.

  • There's one just up the road from me that I'd love to have. Shed, gym and (sh)office:-

    But I can't justify that at all and we had the garden done in the summer anyway, with a vaguely minimal 7' x 4' shed.

  • That’s a shouse

  • That's an interesting way of tarting up fences!

  • Looking forward to update here @TW

    My missus wants a she-cave now!! stamps her feet every time I mention my mate who’s recently done a barn conversion into a family home.

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  • Progress has been minimal - Building a desk top took up most of my spare time recently, plus lockdown and all that.

    I have completed the decking, using all composite materials, and I have cut most of the wood to length.

    I have been let down by the steel people, unfortunately, and am still trying to find a local firm that can also do on-site welding, but that doesn't cost a fortune.

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  • That’s a shame @TW good luck with getting your project back on track.

    I got my garden cleared late last year, back third i'll put down weed preventer sheet, sharp sand, pea shingle, I decided to go down the plastic crate base route and build off that. fingers crossed I get the lawn down this week also, forecast looks meh. If I manage to get to stage 10, (see sketch below), I’d be happy to lounge on it during the intervening periods. I’m still debating with my self about adding a green roof to this she-cave. That’ll piss her right off, cos it’ll attract all sorts of fauna..

    It’s a garden babes, what do you expect having critters munching on your tea and crumpets

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TW Builds a Garden Room

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