WANTED: Carradice Duxback poncho

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  • Not sure if it will work well with my bike setup so would like to try a used one if any knocking about. Interested in any size. Thanks!

  • I have just had lunch with a former colleague who want me to sell her Ducksback.

    It has had very little, probably no use.

    Only drawback is she is on her way to Australia for about 10 days.


  • I'm definitely interested! I can wait 10 days. Curious to see if it's any good so also interested in what her experience with it was. Many thanks :)

  • FWIW, I picked up the standard Carradice rain cape off here and used it for the first time yesterday. Once I'd figured that I could tuck it in between my top tube and my pump to stop it riding up my legs it was excellent, I mean I could feel the drag but I rode for an hour in a downpour on the way home and the only wet bit of me was a little dampness around the ankles (insert Victorian porn reference here). I will be fitting some sort of loop to keep it attached to the top tube in the future, and despite the fact I look like a pillock I can see myself using it whenever heavy rain is forecast. I've also gone from only wearing black cycling clothing to wearing six square metres of high viz, which felt weird, but not altogether unpleasant.

  • Very helpful thanks. Keen to try it!

  • I have been using one for years. They are excellent. I think she wants £60.00.

    Let me know.

  • If it’s as good as new sure that sounds good. Also not in London but back soon. Are you happy to facilitate (for a pint?) or put me in touch with your colleague?

  • Not really sure why it’s ‘riding up your legs’. You do the tape up round your middle, put your thumbs or wrists through the loops, the cape covers your bars and creates a kind of tent above your legs - what bit of it tucks around your top tube?

  • Thanks, it was second hand so didn’t come with any instructions. Maybe I’m not in the right position on the bike, maybe I travel too swiftly, I dunno, but it is what it is. It’s fine, it works like that.

  • Oh absolutely, of course if it works it works. Just wondering, I have no instructions either - what I described is what works for me.

  • PS: Could you confirm size and colour? Should be in London again w/c 16 March, otherwise probably from 21 March.

  • Said former work colleague is away in Australia for the Grand Prix.

    Will get her to confirm size on her return - I believe the colour is the standard waxed green.

    I will facilitate purchase, as and when, should you decide to proceed.

  • Am happy to proceed if green and size normal. I assume former colleague is not over 6ft but you never know :) Will send a PM.

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WANTED: Carradice Duxback poncho

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