Hi all,

    Still going through my project pile and this time I have fixed up a 650B Randonneur bike.
    I should really just PM @edscoble since that's up his street.

    Steel frame with number stamped on the rear dropout. No other indications or make or age.
    Based on the LAM Dural brakes and RIGID chainguard, most likely mid century.

    It has been badly repainted at some stage. Rims/RD/hubs are stamped from 1983 to 1986 so it is possible that the bike was either upgraded or refurbished at that date then unused as the chain/freewheel/RD show hardly any wear.

    Size is 53cm ST, 56cm TT, both centre to centre. With the moustache bars, I would say this will fit someone around 5ft7/5ft9.


    • Hammered finished alloy mudguards (unbranded)
    • "RIGID" chain guard
    • Rear rack
    • LAM Demi Ballon Dural brakes (rare) with Weimann Junior Compact Brake Levers (for people with small hands)
    • ATAX quill stem & On-One Mungo Moustache bars
    • Maillard hubs with butterfly nuts and Rigida SuperChromix 650B clincher rims
    • 1x3 speeds, Sachs-Huret rear derailleur and downtube lever, Adonis 170mm cottered chainset, "STERLING" 3 speed freewheel.

    What I have done:
    I have trued the wheels and fitted some Vee Rubber SPEEDSTER 27.5x1.95 tyres (marked 50-584).
    Fitted the cockpit with new inner/outer brake cables.
    Fitted new Fibrax brake pads for steel rims.
    Both stem and seatpost move freely.

    Rides nicer than it looks!

    Test rides from New Cross SE14 or the City EC2V

    Price - Was initially after £150, then £130, then £120. Now sold for £100, which is broadly the price or the brakeset alone...

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  • Nice

  • 'Rides nicer than it looks!'
    It looks great.

  • Thank you.

    I suspect a potential buyer might only be after the LAM Demi-Ballon Dural brakeset.

    LAM (a company creating by Henri Lamarque in Paris) were producing high quality, highly desirable brakes for racing and touring from the 30's to the early 60's so that would date the bike around then.

    The RIGID chainguard is also mid century (I spotted it on high end Randonneurs from that era) so could also help dating the bike.

  • The paint quality is poor but the photos make it look like better than it does in real life...

    The bar shape, although unsightly is, is great to ride.

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  • Let the price drop begin - now £130.

    Not a bad deal as there's £50 of new parts on it.
    And I did a nice job trueing the wheels!

    New tyres (£25), new brake pads (£5), new cables (£5), new moustache bars (£10), new grips (£5)

  • Beaut. Perfect town bike. Someone buy this.

  • Thanks for the love - it would make a great London bike.

  • Price drop to £120

  • Hi all,

    If you are a key worker or know a key worker who would prefer cycling instead of using public transport, I am happy to loan this bike for a couple of months.



  • Still available on free loan or to purchase

  • Bargain. This is awesome and I wish I had the space for it.

  • God this is nice, sad it's definitely too small for me. Hope it finds an owner.


    It'll be nice to find a good home for it.

    Let's price drop it to SOLD £100

    If it doesn't sell at this price, I will list the brakeset on eBay and donate the rest of the bike

  • Dibs! Already pmed 2215 ish Sunday 29th


SOLD French 650B Radonneur Bike - 53cm ST / 56cm TT - Moustache bars - Mudguards, rear rack - 1x3 speed - SOLD

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