Frame tweaking: Pompino with discs and gears

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  • yeah plus postage, etc. I'll just use the sheldon method (lever it with some long timber)

  • Not fixed but freewheel and disc, 120mm:­352.html

  • interesting. i wonder what disc line that gives.

    if i'm going to all this bother of rebuilding wheels and respacing the frame, i'm wondering if i'd not just be better off installing some sliding dropouts­GES/Forged%20Dropouts.htm

  • ok guys god bless

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  • I’m disappointed

  • I'm not. Great choice.

    I started my SSCX dabbling on a Pompino, and now have a Crockett. The Crockett is light years ahead in terms of handling, power transfer and mud clearance.

  • Man down!

  • I was close to buying a Crockett then bought a gravel bike instead 😂

    I'm glad you're not destroying a perfectly good pompino to create a monster that isn't good at anything though.

  • thanks for the kind words gang

    i still fully intend to butcher the pomp. i've found what might be another crack at the base of the seattube anyway, so i'll need to get fizzy with the metal glue

  • artisan hand crafted gear hanger industrial shabby chic mid century modern retro vintage l@@k RARE

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  • jesus yes that is blood on the dropout. class act. sorry

  • dropout monster

  • That is perfection.

  • my father in law has my tap set i have just remembered

  • Which welder did you buy?

  • a fucking expensive one in the end

    the r-tech one that's ac/DC up to 170A. digital. I think it's £999 on their site

    I would say it's very good but I don't have much to compare it against and haven't had a huge amount of use out of it

  • acceptable

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  • less so

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  • seriously those braze ons were a twat to weld on. i got the hang by the last side of the last one (even though my practice ones seemed OK) but there's a reason they're not called weld ons

  • A monster is born

    I'm curious; you bought the Crockett for some gears, is this now just a welding project which you can use as a dad bike or back up cx bike? I looked back 2 pages and that was all I could muster before hanger and hub widths woes made me stop.

  • Yeah I've probably not explained that, but the idea is the pompino will now be a 1x10 winter road bike with cantis

  • Fitted with fashionably wide tyres and mudguards I hope?

  • i'm doing it on the cheap right now, and i have some nice 25s (challenge LGG i think?) but some 45mm chromoplastics. i'm gonna try and get a squirrel lodged in the gap.

    also, fwiw, the crockett is being set up single speed for now ;)

  • the crockett is being set up single speed for now

    Welding and bending your pomp to fit gears and setting up the bike that fits gears without them...

    My guy!

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Frame tweaking: Pompino with discs and gears

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