Frame tweaking: Pompino with discs and gears

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  • thanks both of you. my basic intention was to run it SS for now but have the hanger on as i'm doing some braze-ons anyway. if i was to run it geared, i would respace it to 130. right now, i guess my main concern is getting a thin rear hub in there.

    although thinking out loud, i could just use a 130 rear wheel with freehub and a single sprocket...

    do road disc hubs come in 130mm? no i guess.

  • ah yes, I forgot about the extra 5mm of disc hub width. That might be pushing it a little too far.

  • so we agree that this whole idea is a bit silly

    i'm spending a grand on a welder to eke another year out of ten-year-old £99 frame

  • Novatec do a couple of 130mm disc hubs (24 or 28h drilling only): XD622SB/A-QR-AA-ABG-11S-130 and D722SB/A-QR-ABG-11S

  • Nice find. It looks like it has the same disc/chainline spacing as the fixie-inc one you linked to earlier, but with shorter endcaps. It would need a change of the axle plus other endcaps to work.

    The fixie-inc one would need (I haven't actually tried one) some spacers behind the rotor to fix the disc-line.

    Maybe the cheapest/easiest way is to buy a rear double sided track hub and use a adapter on the disc side. This also gives you the option of lockring threading for fixed drive.

    There is also a couple of options of using a short freehub and putting it on a normal spacing hub shell from the same brand. 135mm -> 120-122mm, but all need a bit of modification to work.

  • that last option is extremely attractive, because the bike currently has a rear fixed/fixed hub anyway. i had no idea those disc adapters existed. thanks!

  • The Fixie-inc also has fixed threading in the description. It is hard to tell from the photo

  • This adapter is better built than the one above: 6 bolt disc adapter
    You probably also need some rotor spacers as well

  • Magic, ta. i'm sure o could google this, but what is the standard disc line, or is it different for different brakes?

  • on 135mm hubs there should be about 15.25mm from the dropout to the disc mounting shoulder. This varies a little between different makes of hubs. I am guessing this distance is the same for the 116mm trial hub.

    The 6 bolt adapter is 7mm thick so it will sit at 17-18mm screwed on to a track hub (also a guess)

    I.S. brake mounting holes are flush with the rear dropout (0mm)

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  • Before you weld anything, you should check if the chainstay and seatstay have enough room for a rotor.

  • don't worry, i'm not welding i'm tig brazing, so i can safely ignore that advice ;)

    seriously, this input is very helpful though.

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Frame tweaking: Pompino with discs and gears

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