• Hi all,

    I have this lovely 1996 Peugeot cargo bike, made for "La Poste" bike for sale.

    This was used by my own postman in France to deliver mail until recently!

    I brought it over from France at Christmas and fixed it up. It is in good used condition seeing that it was used daily from 1996->2016, in trademark La Poste yellow.

    Size is 51cm ST CTT, 54cm TT CTC, with 26" wheels & ITM swept back bars so it will suit a wide range of people, I would say 5ft4 to 5ft9.

    Comes with the rear heavy duty rear rack, unfortunately the original front rack was not on the bike when I got it BUT I found a decent front rack which is now included in the sale.

    The steering has a spring retainer so will help with steering when/if you get the front rack fitted and start carrying large loads.

    1x5 speed, rear drum brake which only slows you down, front cantilever brake which does most of the work.

    I fitted new outer cables all around, new front brake pads, new grips, a new KMC Z6 chain then trued the wheels and gave it a tuned up. It rides well!

    The dynamo still works but not sure for how much longer. I will include spare dynamo parts that I have in the parts box.

    Those bikes were made by Cycleurope, which is a group formed by Peugeot, BH and Gitane. This one has a Peugeot headbadge.

    A very unique bike here in London, very sturdy workhorse. Relaxed riding position.

    Could be used as daily cruiser, or for delivery duties!

    Come and try it in New Cross SE14 or I can bring it into town.

    Was after £150, now price dropped to £125

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  • photo photo :)

  • Photos now uploaded

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  • This is ace. Needs one of those front racks that looks like it's made from girders too.

  • Potential dibs on this. Just checking up with the missus on size. Pm incoming.

  • Someone on here was actually selling an original La Poste rack.

    It is very sturdy.
    It would ride better with road tyres and a rear wheel with internal gears & drum.

    Seeing the chainguard, I think I was originally a Nexus Inter 3 or Inter 4 as opposed to a rear derailleur.

    Nice project / baby hauler for someone!

  • Undibs on that. She’s thinking Oma fiets. GLWS

  • No worries - I am sure it'll find a good home soon!

  • Saw someone riding one of these in Bloomsbury the other day. They're great looking bikes.

  • New KMC Z6 chain now fitted to the bike, which works well in all gears.

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  • If anyone’s after an original rack & box it was me that flogged one ... just trying to remember to whom it was sold, a guy in Tulse Hill. It weighed something!

  • It would be nice to re-unite the bike with an original front rack.

    I would be happy to swap racks if you found the current front rack owner!

  • Price dropped to £125.

    Nice little city bike!

  • love it. wish i had a reason to buy it, my size too. if i lived in a flat town would be very tempted.

  • Hi all,

    If you are a key worker or know a key worker who would prefer cycling, I am happy to loan this bike for a couple of months.



  • .

  • dibs. sent you PM

  • Second dibs if this falls through. PM sent

  • Meeting up with @frati on Saturday to exchange.

    I will let you know if it falls through.

    Fitted the front rack, rear basket and also sorted out the dynamo.

    Great armageddon wagon

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  • What a beauty :D

  • Hi Vince!
    Still available?

  • I am meeting with @frati on Saturday to exchange but will update this thread if the sale doesn't go through

    NOW SOLD FOR £125


SOLD / 1996 Peugeot Yellow Cargo Bike // La Poste French Postman step-through // Size 51cm ST, 54cm TT, racks, mudguards / SOLD

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