Experiments in corgi geometry

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  • A couple of years ago I built up a Fuji Jari and have put some miles on it with daily commuting and local audax events. I've found I prefer to be quite far forward on the saddle, whether climbing or snoozing away miles on the invisible aerobars. Following a fit last year where they had my saddle fully forward on an inline post and still wanted another inch for my short legs, I put in a gnarly forward-offset post and.. I like this a lot. Needing to shuffle some bikes around, I found a local builder to give me that forward position in a new frame without the need for a triathlete seat post.

    Front end (stack, reach) almost identical to current Fuji, slightly taller head tube to account for different headset stack. Same length stays, and a 78 degree seat tube which should be good for about an inch or so forward of "normal".

    Build will be a mix of ebay scrounging, discount retail and the groupset + wheels moved over from the Fuji (which will become a budget 1x gravel/snow bike).

    Frame is out to paint this week. There's a chance this will be the last bike I own so hope it works out.

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  • Interesting project. I had thought that most FDs are optimised to work on seat tubes of "normal" angles, which is why we don't see geometry like this so much. What's the paint plan?

  • Huh, good point. I'll find out soon. 30/46 rings and a band-on for the FD, hopefully flexible and close enough at that range to work. Paint will be low key, not too flashy. It's a commuter half the time.

  • Frame collected at long last. I'm told I need to wait another 2 weeks for the paint to cure properly hard enough to fit stuff like the FD clamp. Oh well, have waited several months already, I can do another two weeks. Will sew up a bag for the new rack in the mean time.

    Very happy with the way the brazed joints came out.

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  • Frame looks nice, who is the builder? Would love to see a full shot too.

  • Peter Olivetti in Boulder, Colorado. Should have some proper pics up in the next few days, and maybe a shakedown ride next weekend if we aren't in full CV19 lock down by then - things moving very quickly on that front around here.

    Missing a few bits and some tidy up, but nearly complete. Large clearances will be taken by fenders.

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  • Yeah things are moving fast here (UK) too but determined to get out on the bike this morning. Something about the head tube being brazed and tapered is 👌

  • Real nice

  • Something about the head tube being brazed and tapered is

    Yeah I really like the brazed joints at the top. The bottom bracket cluster is welded. Besides the geo that's what I really wanted on this frame. The HT is from Solid Bikes.

    Decided not to have the fork painted at the last minute as I'm planning to put a dynamo wheelset on it eventually and plain black will hide the wire better. I'm ok with the black/blue combo.

  • This is super cool, looks like a practical version of those NJS frames with the super aggro seat tube angles. Or like a dirt-road TT bike.

  • Really like this. I actually quite like the large clearances as well, without the fenders...

  • Just read this project sorry for a late comment a bit late for you as you already got a new frame .but my daughter had the same issue too. top tube to long even with a short stem .why don't I just turn the set back seatpost 180 the setback clamp facing the front a cheap hack

  • Yap that works in a pinch. I'd already gone to inline posts so didn't have an offset one to spin around and many of them won't give enough angle in that direction any way, so I got one of these ugly bastards on ebay which has done until now:

    Keeping my eye out for a Pro PLT post like Adam Hansen runs. I'd prefer that to this tri post.

  • Really nice frame and build. Love the Olivetti logo too.

  • Getting there slowly. Fit is good and everything is nice and square.

    Can't eliminate rubbing at the front brake so I'll try spacing the caliper out a hair, but waiting for some proper bolts to arrive before faffing with it more so that'll be next week. Got a black Tubus Vega rack on the back now, seems solid, nice torx hardware - working on a bag for it. Fenders need some modification and a flap added. Nice to have things to tinker with given the state of things :)

    There's also a wee writeup from Pete in the Velonews "Virtual NAHBS" day 2 post today.

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  • Love the Olivetti logo too.

    Same. He has a modern version of the logo too but I like this hand styled one.

  • Bag done. Might get to fenders this afternoon.

    Oh and found a bubble on the front tire and the rear is beginning to square off, so new tires on the way. Bummer.

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Experiments in corgi geometry

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